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On Saturday we went to see Deep Impact 80 in Differ Ariake. Deep has some exciting fights and this card was very impressive. Deep is seeing more international fighters coming to Japan to face the local talent. This event was no exception. This card was filled with fighters from the US and from Korea as well as the local Japanese fighters.

Deep runs a few different styles of promotion here in Japan. One of their most famous events is Deep Impact. These events use the cage and also allow soccer kicks in some of their fights. Generally speaking if the fight is one of the ones that has more than 2 rounds, then soccer ball kicks are allowed. In the end this was the technique that won the semi main event for Hiroto Uesako.

During the semi final both Iwase and Uesako were exchanging strike on a fairly even basis.  Then the tides turned and Uesako started to take Iwase’s back. It was down hill from there for Iwase. After landing several hard strikes and then a kick, Uesako landed a solid soccer ball kick to the head of Iwase. That kick was enough for the ref. Just a few seconds afterward the ref called the fight and gave the win to Uesako via TKO.


We saw another stoppage when Super Heavy Weights took to the cage. In Japan, a majority of the fighters are in the lighter divisions. It is not often that you will get a chance to see a couple of heavy weights enter the cage. Deep gave the fans what it wanted to see. They actually have a heavy weight division.

Currently Deep’s Heavy Weight Champion, Roque Martinez, is making a name for himself in Rizin as well as in Deep. As of now he has not lost a fight in Japan.  This time around the only heavy weight fight on the card was Ryo Sakai Vs. American Duncan Hon.




These fighters are very strong and this fight would only go 1 minute and 35 seconds into the first round. After exchanging a few strikes Sakai’s punches opened up a cut on the forehead of Hon. Hon’s head started to leak a lot of blood very quickly and the ref called for the ring Doctor to check on the cut. In Japan, the MMA fans are a bit squimish about blood and generally it can end a fight.

This was a cut of some significance, it was pooring down all over the front of Hon. After the Doctor checked on him, the Doctor determined that the fight could not continue. This gave the win to Sakai.




There were many good fights on this card and it was exciting to watch. Deep offers anyone the opportunity to stream the events. If you are in Japan or outside of Japan you can watch the stream by going to Deep’s streaming site. It is 777 JPY or around $7.00 USD a month to access their library. It is a good place to learn about fighters and watch some past events.

If you are interested in streaming the events go to

You will be able to find out more information from there and sign up for the service.



You can see the full results from the event below.





DEEP Impact 80  Results:
1. Jin Soo Son Beats Makoto Kamaya DECISION, UNANIMOUS 3 Rounds, 15:00 Total
2. Hiroto Uesako Beats Shigetoshi Iwase KO/TKO, SOCCER KICK 1:31 Round 1
3. Tatsuno Nagakura Beats Joey Crisostomo Jr KO/TKO, LEFT STRAIGHT :27 Round 2, 5:27 Total
4. Yuya Shibata Beats Tomohiro Adaniya DECISION, UNANIMOUS 3 Rounds, 15:00 Total
5. Kimihiro Eto Beats Won Gi Kim DECISION, UNANIMOUS 3 Rounds, 15:00 Total
6. Tomo Maesawa Beat Yuko Kiryu DECISION, UNANIMOUS 2 Rounds, 10:00 Total
7. Ryo Sakai Beats Duncan Hon KO/TKO, FOREHEAD CUT 1:35 Round 1
8. Kyosuke Yokoyama Beats Yuki Ohara SUBMISSION, RNC 1:25 Round 1
9. Yuki Takano Beats Kazuhide Shirota KO/TKO, RIGHT STRAIGHT PUNCH 2:25 Round 1
10. Juri Ohara Beats Luiz Andrade I DECISION, MAJORITY 2 Rounds, 10:00 Total
11. Daisuke Endo Beats Toshinari Ogawa DECISION, UNANIMOUS 2 Rounds, 10:00 Total
12. Namiki Kawahara Vs. Yuya Kodama (Fight was declared NC do to low blow)
13. Yoshitaka Ishigami Beats S-Date DECISION, UNANIMOUS 2 Rounds, 10:00 Total
14. Satoshi Yamasu Beats Takehiro Ueyama KO/TKO 1:20 Round 1
15. Hidemasa Soga Beats Takuya Maeda DECISION, UNANIMOUS 2 Rounds, 10:00 Total
16. Koji Takeda Beats Yuichiro Yanagi SUBMISSION, RNC :37 Round 1
17. Ryuji Takashio Vs Taroh Kotobuki Ends in a Drae, Majority
18. Shintaro Agatsuma Beats Takashi Fujishima KO/TKO 2:32 Round 2, 7:32 Total
19. Yudai Hashimoto Beats Ryo Yanagi SUBMISSION, ARMBAR 3:19 Round 1
20. Taichi Isogai Beats Osamukai Kawabata DECISION, UNANIMOUS 2 Rounds, 10:00 Total


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