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On December 3rd, 2017 Deep Jewels held another event. This time Deep Jewels 18 featured 11 bouts of all female MMA action. As always, Deep put on a great show that was filled with not only MMA action but also a short Japanese Idol rock show and a few dance numbers. In all, it was a very entertaining event. However, we are here to discuss our favorite thing of all, fighting! Deep Jewels does not disappoint in this category as well. In addition to all the amazing extras they throw in the fighting is very solid. It is very common for the fighters in all Deep2001 Promotions to get a shot at superstardom by being included in upcoming Rizin events. This time was no exception.

This time around Deep introduced a couple of new fighters that will soon become crowd favorites. One was a Judoka, named Kana Watanabe. She has several high profile wins in the Japanese and international Judo circuit. She has a strong Judo game and was very skilled in Newaza (ground fighting) as well. Sometimes in pure Judokas you do not see this level of skill. Watanabe was clearly different showing a very well rounded game in both standing and in ground fighting. Se eventually went on to win her fight by a very decisive armbar in round 2.













The next stand out was the Japanese Punk Rock Idol, Nanaka Kawamura. Preceding her entrance to the ring, there was a performance by her band. The band was very visually entertaining. Think of Japanese school girl uniforms and Friday the 13th style hockey masks and chainsaws made of glowing LED lights. That’s right, chainsaws.  The crowd seemed to be into the music and liked the visuals. On the fighting side of things, she did not disappoint either. She faced off against Reica, another new fighter in the promotion. Both fighters put on a good fight for their debuts and we are looking forward to seeing a lot more out of both. In the end, Kawamura walked away with a full-on Unanimous Decision by the judges.


The main event of the evening was Satomi Takano 11-9-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) Vs Tomo Maesawa 9-8-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). Satomi Takano, who goes by the ring name Sarami trains out of PANCRASEism Yokoyama. This is the gym owned and managed by MMA Legend, Satoru Kitaoka. He was in her corner for the fight and was acting as one of her seconds. Her opponent Tomo Maesawa trains out of Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA. This is also a gym that is known for producing some of the top MMA fighters in Japan. The fight that evening was scheduled for 3 rounds. It seemed to go back and forth between the fighters but in the end Sarami was granted the win by the judges for showing more aggression in the ring.




















Of course MMA Japan was there LIVE Tweeting all the action. You can follow @mmajpn1 on Twitter to see all the live, behind the scenes photos and Tweets.  The full results of the card are below.




  1. Satomi Takano def Tomo Maesawa Unanimous Dec
  2. Yukari Nabe def Yurika Nakakura KO/TKO, 2:50 R2, Ground and Pound
  3. Kyu Kitano def Yuko Kiryu Majority Dec
  4. Kana Watanabe def Hikari Sato Sub, 1:32 R2, Armbar
  5. Emi Sato def Hikaru Aono Sub, 1:43 R2, Armbar
  6. Nanaka Kawamura def REICA Unanimous Dec
  7. Yuko Saito def Mika Nagano Unanimous Dec
  8. Mika Arai def Mizuki Furuse KO/TKO, 2:17 R2, Ground and Pound
  9. Ayako Miyata def Sayuri Yamaguchi Sub, 3:54 R1
  10. Tomomi Souda def Madoka Ishibashi Sub, 3:03 R2, Choke
  11. Momoko Yamazaki def Momoka Yoshikawa Unanimous Dec

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