Deep Impact 81

Deep is having one last event in Tokyo for the year. We are talking Deep Impact 81 and it looks great. This event will be held at the famous Differ Ariake. It will be one of the final events to take place there before it is demolished to make room for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Park. The very next day they Deep will also produce an event in Osaka. Here we want to cover the Tokyo event.


The card is loaded with good fights. A couple of standouts are Juri Ohara 21-12-2, 1 NC (Win-Loss-Draw) vs. Guy DeLumeau  21-13-3 (Win-Loss-Draw) and Hiroto Uesako 13-6-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) vs. Takahiro Ashida 20-8-2 (Win-Loss-Draw).  As you know Guy Delumeau is one of the regular commentators for Pancrase. He has also been fighting in Japan for many years many different promotions. He has a background in wrestling and is coming off of 2 recent losses.



This is going to be a big fight for him. His opponent is Juri Ohara, is nearly 10 years younger and is coming in hot off a recent win from back in October this year. Their fight records are nearly identical and they seem to be evenly matched. This will be one fight to keep an eye on. 














The other match that we want to highlight is Uesako vs Ashida. Hiroto Uesako is currently on a 4 fight winning streak and showing no signs of slowing down. He is fighting out of Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS which is owned by Kenji Osawa. There are many strong JMMA fighter coming out of that gym. He will be facing another killed by the name of Takahiro Ashida.  Ashida fights out of Brave gym, who is another gym that produces a lot of champions. He is on a 2 fight winning streak and is looking to get a title shot soon. This fight could go either way. You do not want to blink because you might miss it!











Of course MMA Japan will be there live Tweeting the action. Follow @MMAJPN1 on Twitter for all the live Tweets, photos, and details.

Deep Impact 81 Card:

  • Koichi Ishizuka  vs.  Roman Alvarez
  • Toshiaki Kitada  vs.  Taito Kubota
  • C. Shimabukuro  vs.  Haruki Nakayama
  • Hiroto Uesako  vs.  Takahiro Ashida
  • Kosuke Terashima  vs.  Kaito Sakamaki
  • Naoto Kurosaki  vs.  Koji Takeda
  • Mina Kurobe  vs.  Jung Eun Park
  • Juri Ohara  vs.  Guy DeLumeau
  • Kazunori Yokota  vs.  Da Won Yoon
  • K. Narita  vs.  Max the Body
  • Satoshi Date  vs.  Hidemasa Soga
  • Takahumi Ono  vs.  Nyan Shiba
  • Makoto Kawawa  vs.  Noriaki Ishida 
  • Naoto Miyazaki  vs.  Jung Min Lim

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