Deep Jewels 20 Review and Results

Last weekend we were at Deep Jewels 20. This is Japan’s premiere all female MMA Promotion. Other promotions have female fighters as well. Pancrase and Rizin often have fantastic female MMA bouts. Deep Jewels takes that to the next level. Deep Jewels is doing what WWE did for their Diva characters in the early 2000s. Deep Jewels is doing it 100% Japanese style. That means raising the bar and giving us amazing Martial Arts action to boot.

That being said, let’s get into the MMA action that took place on that card.


Strawweight Bout – 2R×5M
Mao vs Ryoko “Ryo The Skywalker” Miyata

This was the fight that started off the evening’s event. Mao comes out hard with some strong strikes. They finished the first round very strong but it was clear that Mao took that round.

In round 2,  Miyata ends up slipping and that gives Mao the upper hand at the beginning of the round. By this time, it was not looking good for Miyata. She scrambles for an armbar attempt at one point is is shoved off. Mao easily takes that fight.


Strawweight Bout – 2R×5M
Yuko Saito vs “Jet” Izumi Noguchi

In Round 1 Saito comes out strong and gets a solid take down on Noguchi. From there Saito is able to easily rain down punches from the top. Noguchi starts to scramble and tries to grab on to Saito. Saito was not ready to slow down and dodges Noguchi’s attempts to kick her off. Eventually Saito is able to secure a back take and attempts an RNC that is very tight but Noguchi is saved by the bell.

As Round 2 gets started Noguchi realizes that she is behind. She attempts a head kick but that effort just lands on Saito’s arm as she circles her opponent. Eventually they end up back on the ground. Saito tries to get in position on the back to throw in another RNC as she did in R1 with some success. To stop this from happening Noguchi gets back up and stuffs another attempt at a Judo throw by Saito. Noguchi is now in a dominant position after the failed Judo throw but is quickly revered by Saito who peppers in some strikes from top position. Noguchi is eventually about to escape back to her feet but that is just as the bell ends R2.

Saito get the UD win from the Judges.

The next fight was the quickest fight of the night. You have

Atomweight Bout – 2R×5M
Nanaka “Nijika” Kawamura vs Momoko Yamazaki

As you may recall Momoko Yamazaki 0-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) has had a few rough fights since she started MMA. During her debut fight she took on 12 year old Momo and lost to a tight RNC from the younger competitor. This photo was shared around the MMA community across the world.

That was a very tough introduction to the sport. After that she ended up fighting some other amateur with limited success before debuting as a pro in Deep Jewels 20. Her first pro fight was going to be against fellow new comer, Nanako Kawamura 1-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw).   Kawamura in addition to being an MMA fighter is a budding J-POP idol with a Metal/J-Pop bend that incorporates horror into their band’s theme. Kawamura often shows up with her band members all in Friday the 13th style Hockey masks and school girl uniforms. He also wields a LED studded chainsaw as she walks to the ring. It’s a sight to see and you should try to experience it one time!  This fight lasted only :39 seconds into round one as Kawamura landed a liver shot and put Yamazaki out of business for the night.

After this fight was finished, Kawamura took to the mic to ask Rizin CEO, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, for a fight in Rizin. Sakakibara took to the mic to tell her that she needs to have more fights and more fans before he could grant such a request.









Atomweight Bout – 2R×5M
Hikaru Aono vs Mizuki Furuse

The next fight on the card was going to be Stormburner. Aono has some serious boxing skills and powerful punches. Furuse has the ability to launch devastating head kicks. This was going to be a Chess match.

Round 1 starts off with Furuse using her kicking powers and immediately trying for the KO head kick. But Aono is not having it, and immediately shoots in for a double leg take down. Aono tries to pass guard and get to side control but ends up in Half guard with Furuse on the bottom. Furuse eventually  is able to get to full guard but it’s not enough for the Ref. He stands them up. This is where Furuse is the strongest and is able to land a sick mid-level body kick on Aono. Aono is not standing still and decides to take Furuse down again just before the round ends.

From a tactical point of view Aono’s game is top notch. Her strategy is to take those strong kicks out of the picture as quickly as she can by shooting in and taking down Furuse. Furuse is going straight back in a line and making the take down easy for Aono. All Aono has to do is avoid the kick and shoot in and cut left or right to get Furuse on her back.

Round 2 kicks of and Aono sticks to her plan of shutting down those kicks. Furuse is doing ok on the ground as well. Several times she attempts some submissions but Aono easily escapes them while landing punches. Aono wins this match by UD.

That was the last fight on the Under-Card. We move on to the Main-Card. The Main-Card was stocked full of Deep/ Rizin fighters. The first fight on the Main-Card was

Flyweight Bout – 3R×5M
Shizuka Sugiyama vs Sachiko Fujimori

Sugiyama was the opponent for Kana Watanabe in Rizin last year. This time around they are both fighting on the Deep Jewels card.

This fight starts out with Fujimori coming out for blood straight away. Fujimori landed a solid left hook that kind of stunned Sugiyama and forced her into a clinch to gather herself. She was able to get a foot sweep and take Fujimori’s back. She scored some solid shots while in back control. Fujimori went down but was able to regain her composure and get in a few punches of her own before the round ended.

Round 2 starts out with Sugiyama landing dome knees from the clinch as Fujimori tried to throw punches. At the end of R2 Sugiyama gets a decent armbar attempt but the time runs out before she can get a tap.


Round 3 was much more of the same. It was mostly controlled by Sugiyama and in the end the judges awarded her the UD.

Flyweight Bout – 3R×5M
Kana Watanabe vs Yukari Nabe

One of the most highly anticipated fights on the card had to be Watanabe vs Nabe. Very similar to the Aono and Furuse fight, it seemed like Nabe had done her homework. Nabe’s takedown and throw defense was remarkable in this fight. That wasn’t enough to stop her from getting tossed out of the ring 3 times, although.

Round 1 started off with Nabe stunning Watanabe with a right hook. After that you could clearly see that Watanabe wanted to clinch instead of taking more blows. Watanabe is able to get Nabe down to the mat but this is where Nabe’s superior take down defense starts to shine. She is easily able to pop right back up. There are a few punches exchanged. Watanabe attempts a Judo throw and Nabe tries not to be pushed out of the ropes. Shortly there after, the round comes to an end.

Round 2 gets underway with Nabe coming in for a clinch and eating a few knees from Watanabe.  Nabe is able to pepper in a few uppercuts, but for the most part this round was fought on the ropes. It was at this point that they started to fall between the ropes. The ref has seen enough and separates them. During the last few seconds of the fight there are a couple of decent shots from Watanabe, and it is clear now that Nabe wants to clinch.

Round 3 kicks off and it is clear that both are tired. It is also clear that they have away to go before this fight is over. Watanabe lands 3 straight rights in a row and Nabe clinches up again. Watanabe tries another Judo throw and the fighters end up in the ropes again. Nabe is able to land a few solid shots after this but is taken down again by Watanabe.  The ref sees Nabe holding the ropes and gives her a yellow card. The final decision is a SD win for Watanabe.

The fight following this one featured another Rizin athlete This time you have

Featherweight Bout – 3R×5M
“King” Reina Miura vs Eun Ji Choi

This fight was brought to a halt after King Reina lands 2 solid kicks on Choi. One was a leg kick and the follow up was a solid and strong body kick. Using this moment to get inside on Choi, King Reina smoothly takes her to the mat and is able to land punches to the head until the Ref calls the fight at 1m:40S of R1.

Finally we get to the Main Event of Deep Jewels 20! This bout was  featuring a Deep Jewels fan favorite, Emi Tomimatsu. Tomimatsu has one of the best walkouts in MMA history. Her friend plays a thumping Metal guitar solo for her as he makes her way to the ring.

Atomweight Bout – 3R×5M
Jeong Eun Park vs Emi Tomimatsu

Park was able to strike first in this match. Early in Round 1 Park starts to show that she has a strong striking background. She is throwing brilliant combinations that seem to be frustrating Tomimatsu. Tomimatsu tried to slow down the barrage of punches by trying to clinch but ended up just eating more shots. Finally in the last seconds of Round 1 Tomimatsu lands a nice kick. Park dominated the entire Round with her striking.

Round 2 gets going with Park showing that her strategy of throwing flashy punch combos is the way she is going to keep going. During the course of Round 2 Tomimatsu is finally able to land a couple of significant jabs and a knee to the body. She tries to take Park down but Park is able to slap on a Guillotine choke attempt but that is cut short by the end of the round.

Round 3 gets underway. It is clear that Park is winning this fight at this point Tomimatsu stuffs a couple of take down attempts from Park and tries to get park in an awkward standing Kimura key lock. However the angle is not correct and Park gets out and loses he balance. Tomimatsu is able to get top position and tries to pass guard. Park chains several sub attempts but they are not successful. Park gets to her feet and the round ends after a few more stuffed take down attempts from Tomimatsu. THe Judges give the fight to Park by UD.

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