Pancrase 304 Play by Play

Today in Tokyo Pancrase puts on their 304th event in their numbered series. This card is stacked and has the potential to be one of the best cards of the year for the promotion. With their newly formed partnership with the phenomenal One Championship, the winners in Pancrase 304 could pick up career changing fights internationally and get some serious exposure.  Title holders in Pancrase can get added on to One Championship cards and they are also eligible to get a sponsored year of training in Evolve MMA in Singapore. One Championship and Pancrase are setting the standard for excellence in Japan Mixed Martial Arts and in Asian Mixed Martial Arts.

Once again we are transported to the land of the Rising Sun where we have Stewart Fulton and Guy Delumeau calling all the fight action in Studio Coast located at Shin Kiba in Chiba Japan.  We start off with the Prelims and the continuation of the Neo-Blood tournament.

  • Prelims:

Tatsuki Ozaki Vs Ryu Abe 

Round 1 Abe pressures Ozaki with some strong ground game. Ozaki gets a nice jumping knee at the end of the round

Round 2 Ozaki shows some good stand up early in the round. Abe tries another takedown and ends up pinning Ozaki to the cage. Abe keeps up the pressure on Ozaki on the cage. They get back to the center of the cage but Abe ends the round with another takedown attempt as the bell rings.

Round 3 Abe’s left eye is a bit swollen on the way into this final round. Ozaki tried another knee. Abe drops him with a successful takedown and keeps him pinned on the cage.  Ozaki gets off the cage and back into the center of the cage. Ozaki is under pressure to get a KO. That is the only way he’ll win at this point. Abe keeps up the pressure with takedown attempts.

Winner: Ozaki wins by UD

Kei Arimura Vs Araya

Round 1 They start out in Open stance. Each fighter is testing the defenses of the other. Araya takes a shot to the face and his nose starts to bleed. Araya shoots in for a takedown and gets full mount and lands some elbows. Arimura escapes. Araya shoots again and gets the mount as well.  The bell finished Round 1

Round 2 Araya shoots for a double leg early in R2. He gets it but Arimura pops back up quickly. Araya gets Arimura down again and stays heavy on top. Arimura takes some damage but gets back up with 30 seconds left in the round. He wants to keep the fight standing so he will have the advantage. Arimura lands some heavy punches as R2 comes to an end.

Round 3 Arimura lands significant punches at the beginning of R3. Araya nails a head and arm hip throw. Looks to isolate the arm for an armbar attempt. Arimura gets up and scrambles for a position but Araya stays on top. Araya gets another mount but Arimura bridges. Araya takes the back but Arimura slips out and it goes back to the feet. Arimura lands a hard shot at the end of R3

Winner: Araya Wins by UD

Daiki Nishimura vs Yosuke Shimoda

Round 1 Both fighters are making their professional debuts. Shimoda starts with some low kicks. Shimoda shoots in but Nishimura gets Shimoda’s back in the scramble. Both get back to their feet and exchange some blows. Shimoda is swinging for the fences. Shimoda uses several strikes and then tries to get another takedown. No real winner in this round. They seem very even this point.

Round 2 Shimoda lands a spinning back kick early in R2. Nishimura is stalking Shimoda throughout the cage. Shimoda throws several leg kicks and Nishimura lands a solid body kick. Shimoda gets a takedown again but Nishimura pops back up.

Round 3 R3 starts out with both fighters still looking very fresh. Nishimura pins Shimoda on the cage. They each throw some knees. Shimoda goes down with Nishimura on top of him as Shimoda tries a guillotine choke. Nishimura slips out and remains on top. Nishimura throws some punches from the top.

Winner: Yosuke Shimoda wins by SD

Ryosuke Takasugi vs Masahide Hiraoka

Round 1 Takasugi goes into the match with a bandaged ear. They start off the fight exchanging some punches in the middle of the cage. Takasugi shoots in for a double leg takedown. Hiraoka gets his back to the cage and drops some elbows and gets back on his feet to finish out R1.

Round 2 Takasugi starts out just a bit out of range. He eats a left hand from Hiraoka. Hiraoka has the reach in this fight. Takasugi shoots in for a single leg then changes to a double leg but Hiraoka gets out. Hiraoka is landing good body shots. Takasugi is taking on some facial damage at the end of R2.

Round 3 Takasugi starts the round out of range for any strikes. Hiraoka is using his reach to tag Takasugi. Takasugi stays in Hiraoka’s range. Takasugi tries a single leg takedown and switches to a double leg. Hiraoka has his back on the cage and is dropping elbows to the side of the head of Takasugi.

Winner: Masahide Hiraoka wins by UD

Tatsuhiko Iwamoto vs Michio Ito

Round 1 Both fighters start out with some exchanges of strikes. Ito shoots in and Iwamoto tries to grab a Ninja Choke. Iwamoto is on his back and attempting a Guillotine. Ito keeps up the top pressure. Both start attacking with leglocks in the last 20 seconds. Both cannot get the locks and Ito gets his back taken as R1 ends.

Round 2 Iwamoto starts out by circling the cage. Ito shoots in with a double leg takedown. Ito keeps the top pressure as he is in half guard looking to pass. Iwamoto keeps his back on the cage and is attempting a Kimura lock. Ito is successfully defending it. Ito goes to his feet and Iwamoto lands 2 solid up kicks. Ito throws some heavy punches from the top from standing position. Ito tries to pass Iwamoto’s guard as the bell sounds.

Round 3 Iwamoto looks a bit tired going in to R3. He nails Ito with a knee as Ito tried a takedown. Ito nails a takedown. Ito throws some heavy hammerfists and elbows and the Ref stops it in 57 Seconds of R3.

Winner: Michio Ito By TKO

Shiotsu Vs  Yoya Tatsunari

Round 1 Shiotsu starts off the round looking like he wants to shoot for a takedown immediately. Tasunari looks like he is fine with keeping the fight standing. Shiotsu shoots in and puts Tatsunari on the cage. Shiotsu throws some fakes and round 1 ends.

Round 2 Tatsunari starts out backing up but as Shiotsu steps in he popped his knee and goes down. The ref calls it at 18 Seconds as a TKO.

Winner: Yoya Tatusnari TKO

Yohei Nada vs Darani Date

Round 1 Nada scores a takedown early in R1. Data has his back on the cage. Nada keeps the pressure on as hi has top position. Date is keeping him in half guard.  Nada is controlling Date very effectively in R1.

Round 2 Date starts with some high sidekicks. Nada puts Date on the cage. Nada wants to take away the high kicks from Date.  Ref puts them back in the center of the cage by they soon end up back on the cage. The ref is calling for action and centers the fighter again. Date is throwing some fancy kicks from the center. Date takes down Nada with 20 seconds left in the round. He drops some shoulder strikes into the face of Nada.

Round 3 Date starts out with some high kicks. Nada pushes him to the cage again. Nada has double underhooks and the ref is calling for action. Date gets a hip throw on Nada and gets into the top position. Nada reverses it. Nada is holding Date there but not looking for a submission or significant strikes. Date is controlling Nada’s posture.

Winner: Yohei Nada via SD

Yamashita vs Watanabe

Round 1 Yamashita starts off with a cracking body kick. Watanabe also lands some heavy kicks. Watanabe lands a great right hand on Yamashita. Yamashita is not going backward and is pushing forward.

Round 2 Yamashita is starting to show some damage. Watanabe lands a nice knee as Yamashita comes in. Yamashita pushes Watanabe to the cage and the ref centers them after calling for action. Yamashita lands a solid left on the jaw of Watanabe as they get pinned on the cage. Yamashita knocks Watanabe down and gets top position. Watanabe get half guard, Yamashita lands a few hammer fists as the round ended.

Round 3 Watanabe starts out with some middle kicks. Yamashita is putting on the pressure but Watanabe gets a takedown and quickly gets the mount. Yamashita seems like he doesn’t have an answer for this position. Watanabe looks like he is trying to isolate the arm. Yamashita reverses the position and gets on top. Yamashita looks like he wants to pass guards but cannot see to do it. Watanabe stands back up with 30 seconds left. Tried to get in for a RNC but can not do it.

Winner: Masayoshi Watanabe Wins by UD

Nakajima vs Arikawa

Round 1 Arikawa gets a takedown halfway through R1. Arikawa is stuck in half guard and starts to go for some ground and pound. Nakajima is not letting go of the half guard. Arikawa is continuing ground and pound. Arikawa gets to mount and the bell sounds.

Round 2 This round starts off with Arikawa landing some heavy punches. Nakajima tries to throw a kick and Arikawa gets the takedown. Arikawa is in side control and Nakajima is on the bottom.  Arikawa moves into an Arm Triangle and gets the submission at 2 minutes 4 seconds of R2.

Winner: Arikawa by Arm Triangle.

  • Main Card:

Maruyama vs Takagi

Round 1 Takagi starts out by taking the center of the cage. Each fighter exchanges blows back and forth. Maruyama lands a middle kick. Then Takagi lands a left hand and KOs Maruyama. Maruyama leaves on a stretcher!

Winner: Kenta Takagi by KO in R1 by a straight left punch.

Cantuaria vs Raika

Round 1 Cantuaria starts out hard, throwing heavy punches and the fight goes to the ground as Cantuaria gets a takedown. Raika gives up her back as Cantuaria rains down punches. Cantuaria has both hooks in as she rides the back of Raika. Cantuaria is throwing punches and elbows. Cantuaria makes an armbar attempt and gets the TAP!

Winner: Maya Cantuaria by Armbar 3m 17s R1

Kikuiri vs Kasuya

Round 1 Kikuiri has the reach in this fight. You can see that clearly. Both fighter start out feeling out the defenses of the other fighter. Kasuya gets a takedown and BLASTS Kikuri with several punches and the ref calls the fight in 1m 1s of R1!

Winner: Kasuya by KO in 1m 1s of R1

Kamei vs Uchimura

Round 1 Both fighters are strikers. Uchimura is throwing heavy punches. Kamei is trying to keep him in range with kicks. Kamei is throwing bombs on Uchimura. Uchimura is trying to get in on the inside. Kamei keeps the range. Uchimura goes down because of a slip but Kamei tried to capitalize off that. Uchimura gets back up and Kamei pins him on the cage until the bell sounds. Open scoring gives R1 to Kamei.

Round 2 Uchimura starts off with a Superman punch that sends Kamei to the canvas! Uchimura keeps Kamei on the mat. Kamei gets back to his feet and fires back punches. No one is giving an inch in this battle! Uchimura gets a leg sweep on Kamei and gets top position. Uchimura lands some punches and Kamei gets back to his feet. Kamei lands a hard shot that knocks back Uchimura. Kamei pours on the scramble with a flurry of punches. Uchimura is in trouble now! He recovers and gets back to the center of the cage. Uchimura puts Kamei on the cage and seems to be bleeding from the nose. Uchimura drops Kamei with a punch. Kamei is running and Uchimura is following him. He looks at the ref like the ref stopped the fight but he didn’t! Uchimura attacks again. with a head kick. Open scoring gives R2 to Uchimura by SD.

Round 3 This round starts with a sense of urgency. Kamei is coming forward and Uchimura is still looking sharp. Kamei lands some good punches and Uchimura lands a huge punch. Each fighter is swinging for the fences! Both fighters are trying for the KO. Uchimura takes down Kamei with still 2M on the clock. Kamei is looking tired. Uchimura is staying heavy on Kamei. Kamei tries for a heel hook but Uchimura escapes. Both are digging down in their souls for the power to continue. Uchimura is landing huge punches in the last seconds of the round!

Winner: Uchimura wins by UD

Togashi vs Okada

Round 1 Okada starts out with some big punches. Togashi ends up catching Okada and sending him to the mat. Togashi gets into the half guard of Okada and is raining down punches. Okada tries to close the space to shut down the rain of punches. Togashi looks for the mount but cannot get it.  Finally, Togashi can jump guard and they both stand up. Togashi pressures Okada on the cage and gets a sweep but Okada is back up.  Open scoring gives R1 to Togashi.

Round 2 Both fighters looking for an opening. They exchange some combos. Togashi is landing some jabs. Okada lands a heavy middle kick. Okada is showing some damage on his face. Okada puts Togashi on the fence in the closing seconds of R2. Back into the center of the cage and Togashi is just timing his hand. He is not even blocking Okada’s attempts at low kicks. The ref calls time to stop at the end of the round to check a cut on Okada’s nose. Open scoring goes to Togashi.

Round 3  The doctor clears Okada. Okada knows he has to get a KO to win. He starts out a little more aggressive. Okada is throwing some low kicks that Togashi isn’t bothering to block at all. Togashi is throwing out his jab and upsetting Okada’s timing. Okada is now throwing haymakers but they are not connecting. Okada pins Togashi on the cage but they go back to the center of the cage. He pins him on the cage again and lands a slicing elbow that opens up Togashi’s face. Okada keeps Togashi on the cage with short elbows. Okada takes down Togashi and does some ground and pound to end the round.

Winner: Togashi wins by UD

Hokamura vs Tsune

Round 1 Tsune is looking serious as the round starts. Both fighters are circling the cage in South Paw stance. Hokamura scores a low kick to the thigh of Tsune as he shoots in for a double leg. Tsune has Hokamura pinned on the cage and Hokamura reverses it. The ref calls for action and breaks them and puts them back in the center of the cage. Hokamura high kicks Tsune and SLEEPS HIM!

Winner: Hokamura 3m 11s R1 KO by High kick

Guseva Vs Fujino

Round 1 Fujino starts out strong not wasting any time. Fujino is putting on the pressure. Fujino has Guseva pinned on the cage. Guseva is trying to use her reach to keep Fujino on the outside. Fujino closes the distance and pins her on the cage again. It looks like Fujino is applying pressure to tire out Guseva. Fujino is attempting takedowns but the taller Russian is not letting that happen.  Open scoring goes to Fujino.

Round 2 Fujino is starting to show damage on her face. It is not slowing her down she is throwing hard punches and closing the gaps. Fujino puts Guseva on the cage again. Guseva has reversed it and now has Fujino pinned. The cage battle keeps going back and forth. The ref sets them back into the center of the cage. Fujino tries for another takedown but the taller Guseva stops that with little effort.  Fujino has Guseva on the cage again as R2 comes to an end. Open scoring goes to Guseva.

Round 3  Fujino goes for a takedown immediately and almost gets it. Fujino has Guseva on the cage and the ref resets them. Fujino throws an excellent combo that lands hard on Guseva. After this, Fujino puts Guseva back on the cage. Keeping the pressure on and not letting Guseva use that reach advantage. They stay pinned to the cage for a while and keep popping in knees. The ref resets them again. Fujino rushes in and eats a high kick. Now on the ground, Guseva tries for an armbar but cannot get it. Fujino is trying some ground and pound on Guseva. Guseva tries another armbar attempt. Now in Half guard, Fujino throws some short elbows as the round ends.

Winner: Emi Fujino wins by UD

Aguon vs Nakajima

Round 1 Aguon goes in aggressively with punches. Nakajima is not taking it lightly. Nakajima looking light on his feet and strong. Aguon tries several low kicks followed up by doubled up jabs. Nakajima seems to be looking for his shot. Aguon tags him. Nakajima gets a single leg takedown on Aguon but Aguon is back on his feet in seconds. Aguon looks for a Guillotine but Nakajima pops out with confidence.  Open scoring goes to Nakajima.

Round 2 Starts out with an attempt for a double leg. Aguon survives it and gets a nice double jab that ends up rocking Nakajima a bit. Nakajima on skates circles and gets in for another takedown. Nakajima has Aguon pinned on the cage. They are basically in a Stalemate on the cage. Aguon gets back on his feet and is looking strong. Back to the center of the cage, Aguon scores another set of double jabs. Nakajima backs up and tries to keep the distance on Aguon as the round comes to an end. Open scoring goes to Aguon.

Round 3 It all comes down to the 3rd round. Aguon looks strong and seems to be looking for a solid KO punch. Nakajima is in and out. It seems like he is looking to shoot on Aguon. Aguon starts to land heavy punches with still 3.5 minutes left in the round. Nakajima is also landing punches. Nakajima shoots in for a single leg takedown. He has Aguon pinned to the cage but he is not doing anything with his superior position. Aguon has a Whizzer in and is holding Nakajima in place. Nakajima is pressuring Aguon on the cage with less than 1 minute left in the match. Aguon gets off the cage with 10 seconds left. Aguon stuffs Nakajima’s final takedown attempt and it goes to the judges.

Winner: Aguon wins by SD

So vs Kitakata

Round 1 The fighters start out in open stance. So is circling the outside of the cage near the fence. Both are waiting for the opening. Kitakata throws some heavy punches and just misses. So gets Kitakata pressed on the fence. They are pummeling and trying for a position. Kitakata lands some punches as he breaks from the cage pin position. Kitakata is throwing a flurry of punches in the last of R1 and it looks like So go rocked a bit in that flurry. The bell ends the round. Open scoring goes to Kitakata.

Round 2 Both fighters still look fresh. Kitakata lands a left and stuns So. Then immediately hits him with an overhand right to stun him again. So switches it up and pins Kitakata to the fence. Both fighters are on winning streaks in their careers. That is going to end for one fighter today. They center in the cage and exchange some combos. Kitakata is in the center and So is on the outside. So gets Kitakata back on the fence and starts to knee the inside thigh of Kitakata.  Kitakata opts for the higher mid-body knees. Kitakata lands some good overhands in the closing seconds of R2. Open scoring goes to Kitakata again.

Round 3 Starts when Kitakata catches So’s kick and takes him to the mat. Kitakata is in So’s half guard but soon gets to the mount position. So bridges but Kitakata takes So’s back. So gets out and tries to take Kitakata’s back while attacking the neck. So is on the offensive. He is pounding Kitakata in the face. Kitakata gets out and has So’s back again! Kitakata is trying to sink in a choke but is a bit too high and not under the chin. So gets out and gets back on top of Kitakata. So goes into side control and Knee on Belly. So tries to attack the arm of Kitakata. Kitakata is out and the bell ends the round and the match. It is all up to the judges now.

Winner: Kitakata wind by UD

Rocha Vs Hashi (Flyweight title match)

Round 1 Rocha starts stalking from the minute the round starts. Rocha has the reach in this fight. Hashi is backing straight up. Rocha is controlling the cage and using he jabs to keep Hashi moving. Hashi is getting caught by the punches from the Brazilian.  Rocha is putting Hashi against the cage and is landing punches. Hashi is looking a bit stiff. Hashi’s nose is bleeding. Rocha is just following her around the cage. Rocha gets a great takedown at the end of R1. Open scoring goes to Rocha.

Round 2 Rocha is chasing Hashi all over the cage again. Hashi is just going backward with her mouth wide open. She seems out of breath. Rocha is just landing 1 & 2s just over and over. Hashi tries to take advantage of a slip by Rocha. Hashi pins her to the cage but Rocha is back to the center of the cage. Hashi lands the occasional shot but not causing any visible damage to Rocha. Open scoring goes to Rocha again.

Round 3 Hashi is still going backward. She is trying to fight back a bit more by throwing more punches. Rocha is chasing her around the cage. Rocha is using the same strategy as she did in R1 and R2. Just keeps moving forward and throwing punches. Open scoring goes to Rocha

Round 4  Nothing changes at the beginning of this round Rocha is chasing Hashi around the cage.  Hashi finally tries a takedown attempt but that is shut down by Rocha. Back to the center of the cage and Hashi is trying to be a little more aggressive. Hashi tried for a single leg again but that is shut down as well. Back to Rocha controlling the fight.  Open scoring goes to Rocha.

Round 5 Hashi goes down on her back early in the round. Rocha gets a few kicks and lets her back up. Rocha is once again dominating this fight. Hashi knows that her only chance is a KO. Hashi shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Hashi pulls full guard. Rocha is in the top position. Hashi is trying to secure a leg triangle but cannot do it.  Rocha is trying to pass her guard and they both end up back on their feet. Hashi is turning up the heat in the last round by trying to clinch. Rocha has a Whizzer in and is stopping her from getting the takedown. Rocha is still controlling the fight all the way to the end.

Winner: Rocha and THE NEW Queen of Pancrase!

Santos vs Kume (Lightweight King of Pancrase Match)

Round 1 Kume wastes no time getting started. Santos looks very calm. Kume goes in with a right cross and a trip and gets Santos on the mat while taking top position. Kume is dropping elbows from the top position on to Santos. Kume just putting that pressure on Santos and making him work for it. Still plenty of time in R1. Kume isn’t letting up. Body! Head! Elbows! Kume is smashing Santos and opened up a cut on his face. Kume is in BEAST MODE! Open scoring goes to Kume.

Round 2 Kume gets another HUGE takedown in the early seconds of R2. Kume moves to start his ground and pound attacks and holds Santos’ head on the fence. Santos can not NOTHING to stop this beating. Kume is just dominating him. Santos can not hip escape or bridge. When he tries Kume is straight back on top of him. Kume’s conditioning is amazing and he doesn’t look tired at all. Santos tries to kick Kume away again, but it is not working at all. Kume is just peppering Santos with elbows, body shots, and face shots.  Santos is struggling but cannot get out of this horrible position. Open scoring goes to Kume.

Round 3 Kume hits Santos with an overhand right and Santos hits the mat! Kume gets in to top position while in Santo’s half guard. Kume gets full mount and gets the tap to a top triangle choke with the legs!!!!

Winner: Kume AND STILL Lightweight King of Pancrase










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