Chan Rothana Plans To Keep Finishing Streak Alive In Thailand



ONE Cambodia Featherweight Grand Prix Finalist Chan Rothana is eyeing a decisive finish against Gustavo Balart at ONE: DREAMS OF GOLD on August 16 at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Selapak/FFG representative is one of the few ONE athletes who hold a perfect finishing rate, and he hopes to maintain that record in the upcoming bout.

“I don’t like to leave the decision to the judges so I motivate myself to finish fights,” Rothana said. 

“I rely on my training and preparation to stay calm and focused. I always try to win and give my fans a good performance. They expect me to do my best and fight to the end, it motivates me rather than adds more stress.”

The 33-year-old only aims to win every time he steps inside the ONE Circle. He draws energy and motivation from his family and fans to add extra power to his strikes and proudly represents his country on an international stage, hoping his success can bring more awareness to Cambodian martial arts. 

“I want to win, it’s why I compete,” Rothana concluded. 

“I want to show the world what is Cambodian martial arts and what it means to me as a practitioner. It’s no pressure for me but more like a calling to do my best every time I step inside the ONE Circle. I’m happy in the ring and I can feel the support of my team, my family and my fans when I’m there.”

Rothana knows that Balart, who is looking for his first win with ONE, has also studied his previous matches, but he is focused on keeping his finishing streak alive in Thailand.

“I’d like to get another KO or maybe a submission this time,” Rothana concluded. 

“I have been training my Kun Khmer, Taekwondo And BJJ and becoming a more rounded MMA fighter. I know what I’m capable of and I’m capable of being better than my last match.”

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