Team DATE Introduced Gatchi Martial Arts Tag Event

Team DATE has a lot of killer fighters that appears in many promotions in Japan. They have a very distinct form of Martial Arts that is said to be the Martial Art of the Maharaja from India. This is said to be the royal Martial Arts that is passed along the royalty of India. Now you can see it in Japan and it will become a new promotion. DATE had this to say:

“Dear Sirs, I wish you all the best prosperity.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
This time, the new martial arts event, ⼥ 武 ⼠ 道 「凛 -RIN-」 will be introduced.
On December 19th (⽊), at the Enenji Pandit, a contest of the flagship event was held in a talk live format.
We will announce the Septo, the schedule, the game format, rules, etc. In addition, the flag-raising party
Then, the unprecedented “Gachi Martial Arts Tag Match”, where tag matches are performed with gachinko
A new game format will be implemented. The details will be announced at the live show.
I would like to ask all of the media to report on this issue.
We look forward to seeing you at the event.”


We look forward to seeing the new promotion and bringing you the latest in Martial Arts news from Asia.




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