The First Pancrase Show of 2020 Announced.

We have some very early information about the first show of 2020 for Pancrase. The information below is subject to change at any time

February 16 (Sun) at Studio Coast in Shin Kiba

《The 26th Neo Blood Tournament / Strawweight tournament with an 8 player bracket in 2020》
1: Yamakita Keito (Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me, We) 156cm Born in Mie Prefecture August 4, 1996
2019 MWJ Cup Flyweight Champion & MVP Amateur Pancrase All Japan Championship Flyweight Champion, will make his Pancrase debut.

2: Kota Sahara (WIZARD MMA GYM) Kota Sahara 163cm Born in Ibaraki Prefecture November 27, 1994
2019 MWJ Cup class championship making his debut as well.

3: Taiga Tanimura (Zendo) Taiga Tanimura 169cm born in Hyogo prefecture January 17, 2003
2019 Amateur Pan Class All Japan Championship Flyweight Runner-up (Debut fight)

4: Kosuke Horiuchi (Brightness Monma Dojo) Kosuke Horiuchi 164cm, born in Tokyo February 7, 1985
5: T-Pleasure Tatsukatsu Kusumi 158㎝ born in Aomori Pref. February 7, 1985
6: Masataka Hiraga (Team Ulespa)
8: TBD
*This list includes fighter who will participate in the March 8th tournament. More info will be released as soon as it is finalized.

[Under Selection]
★ Featherweight / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
8th place / 2017 Neo Blood tournament class championship & MVP 10th place
Yujiro Uchimura vs. Isao Horie vs.
(ALLIANCE)             (Ingram)
8 wins and 2 losses 17 wins and 12 losses 3 minutes
■ Isao Horie was contracted with the UFC, but released after only one fight, but he doesn’t give up.
His first step to get back in the game is to go up against a HARD puncher Like Yujiro Uchimura!

★ Bantamweight class / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
Hidekazu Fukushima vs. Yoo Soo Young
(BL0WS)                        (Bon Jiu Jitsu / Korea)
15 wins and 8 losses 6 wins and 1 loss
Soo-young record has 6 consecutive wins and 5 finishes. This time the opponent, Fukushima, will be an all-rounder so you can expect a serious match.

★ Welterweight / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
6th / 9th Class Champion 5th & 8th K.O.P.
Yuki Murayama vs. Yuki Kondo
(GUTSMAN)          (Pancrasism Yokohama)
Both fighters have a long record and will be sure to bring excitement and martial arts action to the fans.

★ Flyweight / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
7th / 2014 NBT Super Flyweight Winner, 12th / 2019 NBT Flyweight Winner & MVP
Yusuke Ogikubo vs. Satoru “Sarutobi” Enomoto
(K-PLACE)              (Reversal Jim Kawaguchi REDIPS)
■ Both fighters are thinking about making a leap forward in their career in 2020, this first game is important and will set the pace for the rest of the year.

★ Strawweight class / 5 minutes 3 rounds ★
6th 8th / 2017 NBT Strawweight Champion
Yudai Miyazawa vs. Toshiya Takashima
(K-PLACE)              (Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me, We)
3 wins 2 losses       5 wins 3 losses 1 NC


Information for the 26th Neo Blood Tournament Featherweight in 2020

《26th Neo Blood Tournament Featherweight in 2020》
1: Kota Matsui (Tokyo Yellowmans Cute)
2: Takuya Saito (ALLIANCE)
3: Yota Taisei (Paraestra Chiba)
5: Akira Dozono (Shuwakan)
6: Yuto Inoue (Paraestra Kakogawa)
7: Tatsuhiko Iwamoto (BLOWS)
8: Ryusei Yumetora (Pancrase Osaka Inagaki Gumi)

  • Includes players who participated in the March 8th tournament, and will be released as soon as they are finalized.

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