Deep Impact 95 and Deep Jewels 29

We have some new news today regarding Deep Impact 95. Some great fights are scheduled for this card.

Champion Yamasu “Dominator” Satoshi will take on the fierce warrior, Ayataro Ushiku, for the second time. In addition, you will see the MMA return of Daiichi Abe. He has competed at the highest levels of MMA in Pancrase, One Championship, and the UFC. He will go to battle against Former Shooto Pacific Champion Yoichiro Sato!

These are 2 of the fights we are highlighting because we know these will  be WARS! If you love MMA these will be must see fights on the Deep Impact 95 card.

In addition, you will see Yutaro Muramoto, who competed as a flyweight in Rizin take on Naoto Ayuda, who has beat Rambo Kosuke, Yamada Fujita and Hiroki Ito in recent bouts.

All this action is in store for us MMA fans on May 6, 2020 (Wednesday / holiday) at Korakuen Hall

Now, as an added bonus, DEEP JEWELS 29 will also be taking place that same day! Both event’s tickets will go on sale this weekend so do not miss out!

Deep Jewels was originally scheduled for 3/6 but needed to be postponed until 5/6 due to the COVID-19 virus.

Stay tuned to to get the latest information on ALL of Asia’s top promotions.

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