PANCRASE 321 Sunday, May 30, 2021 – Studio Coast, Tokyo Card Update

Pancrase kicks off the year with a Featherweight King of Pancrase title match headlining the
card. Also, the first round of a 4-Man Flyweight Interim King of Pancrase Championship
tournament will take place since the previous Interim Champion, Shohei Masumizu, relinquished
his title. Following the final of the tournament, set for August 2021, current Flyweight King
of Panrcrase Champion, Senzo Ikeda, will face the winner to unify the title.

Fight Card:

Featherweight King of Pancrase Championship – 5R/5M
ISAO Kobayashi (NEVER QUIT, 26-5-0)
Current (8th Generation) Featherweight King of Pancrase Champion
Taichi Nakajima (LOUTUS Setagaya, 15-11-1) #1

4-Man Flyweight Interim Championship Tournament 3R/5M
Toru Ogawa (Tribe Tokyo MMA, 13-4) #2
2015 Neo Blood Super Flyweight Tournament Winner
Taiki Akiba (Free, 11-9-1) #6

4-Man Flyweight Interim Championship Tournament 3R/5M
Masatatsu Ueda (G-Face TEAM, 12-5) #3
Satoru Enomoto (Kawaguchi REDIPS, 9-3) #7

2019 Neo Blood Tournament Winner & MVP

Strawweight – 3R/5M
Ryo Hatta (Strapple Ohana, 14-6) #1
Yuta Miyazawa (K-PLACE, 4-3) #3

Lightweight – 3R/5M
Koshi Matsumoto (M PLATIC, 21-9-2) #4
Shooto (12th Generation) World Lightweight Champion
Akira Okada (Musashi Murayama Saito Clinic / &MOSH, 14-9-3) Featherweight #4


Bantamweight – 3R/5M
Toshinori Tsunemura (Reversal Gym Me,We, 14-11-4)
Koji Onigami (CAVE, 5-4-2)

Featherweight – 3R/5M
Tokitaka Nakanishi (ISHITSUNA MMA, 5-2)
Ryo Asami (RINGS, 2-0)

Welterweight – 3R/5M
Yuki Kondo (Pancrasism Yokohama, 61-37-9)
5th & 8th Generation King of Pancrase Champion
Yoshinori Suzuki (K-PLACE, 5-15-1-1NC)

Featherweight – 3R/5M
Issei Tamura (Free, 13-10) #5
6th Generation King of Pancrase Champion
Hirotaka Nakada (Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS, 2-1)

Bantamweight – 3R/5M
Masahide Hiraoka (KRAZY BEE, 6-5) #6
2019 Neo Blood Tournament Winner
Rui Imura (Nexusense, 4-0) #11
2020 Neo Blood Tournament Winner & MVP

Strawweight – 3R/5M
Toshiya Takashima (Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me,We, 6-3-1) #5
Ryosuke Noda (ALLIANCE, 4-1)

Bantamweight – 3R/5M
Joji Hirata (ANGURA MMA, 7-4-1)
Keita Fukushima (K-PLACE, 6-0)

Flyweight – 3R/5M
Emiko Raika (RIGHT THING ACADEMY, 10-7-1) #3
Nori Date (Team DATE, 3-4)

Featherweight – 3R/5M
Raiki Endo (Power of Dream Sapporo, 12-6-3)
Kouki Nakagawa (Reliable MMA Dojo, 8-0)

How to watch:
In addition to a ticketed audience, PANCRASE 321 will stream live on PPV with the option
of English or Japanese commentary:
May 30, 13:00 (JST)
¥3000 (~$27) pre-purchase
¥3500 on the day
Archive available until June 30, 2021

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