Rizin New Years Eve Targets Hardcore Fans, Finalises Stellar Card 

“Solid fights for the hardcore fans on NYE” 

Like its predecessors Rizin has traditionally relied on an eclectic blend of spectacle and sport. Drawing in the casual fans and international interest with the likes of Floyd Mayweather while catering to the “hardcore” demographic with well balanced tournaments featuring world class fighters. For their Saitama Arena 2022 New Years Eve extravaganza Sakakibara has flipped the script somewhat. A stellar card stacked top to bottom solely with tried, tested and proven athletes colliding in fiercely competitive bouts. Get ready for an explosive year end celebration fully loaded with the kind of exhilarating action that Rizin has become synonymous with! 

“Nothing but phenomenal matches from top to bottom!” 

Carrying a reputation as fight connoisseurs, Japanese fans are well-known as highly knowledgeable of the intricacies and subtleties of an, at times, difficult to fully comprehend sport. For these dedicated aficionado’s Rizin’s New Years Eve matchmaking is a dream come true. 15 carefully considered bouts, painstakingly put together, Sakakibara has rounded up a formidable array of competitors in a line up bolstered by the addition of 5 of Bellator’s greatest. 

“Bringing the best of the best at a global level” 

An action packed New Years Eve culminates in an 5 vs 5 all-out war as world class representatives from Rizin and Bellator lock horns. The co-promotion ushers in a new era of fight sharing between the organisations, with “home and away” style matches to alternate between Japan and the US. “Top versus the top” will be the theme as all-star teams clash in thrilling exchanges.

“Additional fights for RIZIN 40”

After some last minute additions and alterations the Rizin 40 card and fight order has been determined with the spotlight firmly fixed on MMA with just 2 special rules bouts. The 13 sensational Rizin MMA matches featuring the world’s elite will appease even the most avid fans of the sport. Saturday 31st at Saitama Super Arena fans in attendance and watching around the world will be perched on the edge of their seats throughout as A-list fighters deliver electrifying performances. 

Full Fight Card

(All quotes are from Nobuyuki Sakakibara, taken from promotional media)



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