Gall blasts through Jackson and will face CM Punk this Summer

Well Mickey Gall showed his metal in the cage by slamming his right fist into the face of Mike Jackson before getting a nasty RNC on him. That was pretty much the whole fight.

What this does for Mickey Gall is that puts his UFC fight record at 1-0-0  and sets him up to battle former WWE Star (am I allowed to say that?) CM Punk later this year. Most likely we are looking for a match in the Summer of 2016.

As you know CM Punk has not had a match in the UFC since he signed in 2014. There have been videos of him rolling and showing off some slick BJJ moves out there on the net. However as anyone who is an experienced fighter will tell you, that all changes the moment you step into the cage! The one advantage that CM Punk brings is his WWE stardom experience. He is used to performing in front of HUGE crowds of screaming fans for the WWE. Needless to say, this Summer will hold some exciting matches for us. It will be interesting to see if CM Punk has the staying power in the UFC or if he follows Brock Lesnar’s path and goes back to WWE glory…

CM Punk didn’t show any aggression toward Gall in the cage when he was called out. In fact, he said that he was happy for him and was enjoying the moment with him.

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