Pancrase 288 – Yukisora vs. Minowaman

Yuki ‘Yukisora’ Kondo

JMMA fight fans, you are in for a rare treat this summer. Pancrase has just announced another matchmake for its 288 card on July 2nd card. With a combined fight total of 213 – yes that’s right TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN – MMA fights between them, Yuki Kondo (Pancrasism) will face Ikuhisa Minowa (Free) at middleweight. For all the old school fans, this is super exciting matchup. For all the new fans to MMA and JMMA, you get to see two outstanding veterans in the Pancrase decagon fighting under the unified rules.

Ikuhisa ‘Minowaman’ Minowa

This writer does not need to decorate their records with fancy language to sell the fight; their records speak for themselves. Although peppered with wins and losses, one thing must be said: you can never count either of these two legends out.

Yukisora and Minowaman last faced each other 20 years ago. I’ll repeat that: TWENTY years ago. Kondo took a leglock win that day, but plenty of time has passed and experience accrued since then. What’s more, the bout is scheduled for 3X3-minute rounds, promising high octave, top skilled action from these two fighters who have faced some of the biggest names in the history of the sport.

Watch it live on UFC Fight Pass or in the archives if you can’t fight sleep ?

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