A Battle 20 years in the making Yuki Kondo vs Ikuhisa Minowa at Pancrase 288

That’s right. Japan is in the middle of a heat wave in the Summer of 2017. Guess who is bringing the heat? It’s Pancrase 288 with one of the best cards of the year and a rematch 20 years in the making!

This time around you have Yuki Kondo with an inpressive 59-33-9i (Win-Loss-Draw) record meeting Minowaman 63-41-8 (Win-Loss-Draw) once again in the cage. It has been 20 years since their last epic battle!

The last time these two warriors battled it was Aug 09, 1997 during Pancrase : Alive 8 and Yuki Kondo emerged victorious via a toe hold at 5M13Sec of Round one. Now 20 years later Minowaman is Back for his revenge. It will be interesting to see what the years of wear and tear and the over 200 fights between the two warriors will bring. Now more seasoned… More experienced… Hardened by time, training and hate. This weekend is the last day on this planet for one of these two. Who will be there to witness this live? If you are in Japan the show starts at 15:00 at Differ Ariake. Everyone else can catch it on UFC FIght Pass. You will have Stewart Fulton and Guy Delumeau calling the action!


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