Deep Cage Impact 2017 Results

DEEP Cage Impage 2017 was a day of fantastic fights. The promotion puts on several events per year, some of their shows use the cage and some use the boxing ring. In addition to DEEP Cage Impact they also produce the all-female fighting events know as DEEP Jewels. Several rising stars in JMMA got started there, and often they fight in other promotions as well. Recently, 20-year-old lightweight contender Reina Miura, “King Reina”, fought in Rizin and is climbing the ranks of the lightweight fighters.

This event, DEEP Cage Impact provided a diverse array of fighters from several countries. Here are the results of the event:

Takafumi Otsuka def Koichi Ishizuka by Split Dec
Haruo Ochi def Kosuke Suzuki by Unanimous Dec
Tatsuya Mizuno def Jung Kyo Park by Sub, 1:55 R2
Makoto Kamaya def Daisuke Endo by Unanimous Dec
Takahiro Ashida def Yuki Ohara by Majority Dec
Jin Soo Son def Kazuhide Shirota by Unanimous Dec
Michihito Abe def B. Azjavkhlan by Split Dec
Yuto Nakamori def Haruki Nakayama by Sub, 4:33 R1
Tiger Date def Naoto Ayuta by KO/TKO, 2:27 R1
Yuta Ueta def Yusuke Matsubaya by Sub, :55 R1
Kaiji Hasegawa def Atsushi Kishimoto by Unanimous Dec
Yasutaka Ishigami vs. Makoto Takahashi Ends in a Draw
Yuji Sekiguchi def Speed-R Date by Sub, 1:37 R1
Yudai Hashimoto def Shunya Ogawa by Sub, :53 R2

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