Pancrase 289: Featherweight King of Pancrase Battle Announced

The news just broke that Nazareno Malagarie will defend his Feather Weight King Of Pancrase title against Isao Kobayashi at Pancrase 289.

Malagarie has impressive wins in his run to the King Of Pancrase title. Currently he is on a 5-fight winning streak with an MMA Record of 34-4-0. He took the title in March this year with an impressive win against fellow UFC vet, Issei Tamura (33-3) at Pancrase 285. The Argentinian born Brazil resident has outstanding boxing and punishing wrestling skills – a fearsome champion for anyone in the featherweight division.

Isao Kobayashi (21-4-4) is on a 3-fight winning streak. The Bellator vet and Pancrase fighter since 2008 has notable wins over Marlon Sandro, Will Chope, and Hiroyuki Takaya, and a most recent KO victory over Croatian, Marko Burušić.

A mixed martial artist through and through. He has also beaten the current Shoot FW champion Saito in VTJ.  At the end of Pancrase 286, Isao appealed to challenge for the title right after winning against Croatian Marko Burušić last time in the cage.

Malagarie has supreme strength and choke finishes; Kobayashi has one-punch knockout power. Catch the fight live on UFC Fight Pass.





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