Rizin World Grand-Prix 2017 – Summer

Once again, RIZIN will make its return and put on some top level fights. All the fun start on July 30th at 14:00 JST. There are some real stand out fights on this card. Take a look.


Some of the ones that we are looking forward to are the Shinju Auclair Vs. Sheena Star. Shinju is the daughter of a famous comedian in Japan. Not only is this beautiful young lady stunning to look at she is also a killer in Martial Arts. Right now she is sporting a  2-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) amateur fighting record and is currently on a 1 fight winning streak. She is looking to make a big splash by in her Rizin debut. She has been on TV and showing up to every  MMA event in Tokyo lately.

She will be taking on Sheena Brendenberg who goes by the nick name Sheena Star. Sheena has an amateur MMA record of 3-17-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). Currently, She is on a 6 fight losing streak. She will go into the ring hungry and be looking to turn that around.

Next is the fight between Tenshin Nasukawa and Kizaemon Saiga. Tenshin Nasukawa is still only 18 years old and has an impressive 3-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) pro fight record. He is currently all the rage with the young ladies in Japan. People have much to say about his fighting style which is fast and strong. His style is hardcore Kyokushin Karate and still has not been beat in the ring.


His oppoent this time around is Kizaemon Saiga. Saiga’s record is pretty even at 3-3-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). Saiga is a Karate practitioner and fights out of Reversal Gym in Shinjuku Me, We. That gym has produced several good fighters, both strikers, and newaza, for awhile. Given these fighters are both Karate based expect a good stand up fight.



The final fight we will cover here is Satoru Kitaoka Vs. Yasuke Yachi. This one is destined to be a #Stormburner.  Both of these fighters are exciting and bring a good show. Both have one punch K.O. power. DoN7t expect this fight to go long. One good opportunity by either fighter and it’ll be all over.

Kitaoka 40-14-9 (Win-Loss-Draw) has been around and fought in many MMA organizations. Do yourself a favor, youtube this guy. He has fought nearly every legend in MMA. It is surprising that the UFC has not signed him already. Keep a look out for his entrance. He puts on a show.  He looks like he is reaching into the far reaches of space and communicating with an alien life form. Is it a show, or is something really missing? You decide.

Yasuke Yachi 17-6-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) has found a lot of success in Rizin. In his last fight, he won almost immediately with a flying knee. He was shown again and again that he is a serious player in the JMMA game. Yachi is still young and still has plenty of fight left in him. This battle with Kitaoka will be a game of inches. Don’t blink!



Of course, MMA Japan will be on site at the event and live Tweeting. Follow @mmajpn1 on Twitter for all the live tweets and behind the scenes photos!






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Jeremy Deschner
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