Deep Jewels 18 on December 3, 2017

Deep comes back to us again with another all-female card on their Deep Jewels promotion. This time it is Deep Jewels 18 which will be held at Face in Shinjuku on December 3, 2017.

Deep Jewels has put on some spectacular events in the past and has featured some extraordinary talented fighters. It was the launching pad that shot fighters like Kanna Asakura and King Reina into the spotlight. There are still more talented fighters on their roster so we can expect to see more rising stars come out of their ranks.

Deep Jewels 18 has a stacked card and you can expect to see some excellent fights in this event. In addition to seeing some crowd favorites, you will also see some new faces. Kana Watanabe will be making her MMA debut at this event.

Although currently, she is unranked in MMA,  her athletic look and skills will play a big part in her success. She is an accomplished Judoka and has won the All Japan Junior Championship, in addition to placing multiple times at the All Japan Championships. She also has several wins on the International Judo scene.  She will be taking on another newcomer named Hiraki Sato.

Hikari Sato is no stranger to MMA. She is currently on a 2 fight winning streak in Shooto having fought at the 24th All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships back in September. Those were amateur matches and this will be her first match as a professional MMA fighter.  As they are both making their pro debuts and their Deep debuts on the same night, you can expect this match to be exciting.


In addition to this fight, you have crowd favorite Yuko Kiryu 5-5-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) out of Brave Gym taking on Kyu Kitano 1-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) out of Takadanobaba Dojo. Both fighters are coming in off a loss. That means that they will have the warrior fire in their bellies and you will see both of them trying to fight to Recover their records.









And finally one other match on this card that you will not want to miss is Momoko Yamazaki Am 3-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) Vs. newcomer Momoka Yoshikawa, who is making her MMA debut. You may remember Yamazaki as the opponent of Momo Shimizu, the 12-year-old fighter that debuted in Deep Jewels 16 back in May 2017. The fight made international headlines and had people sharply divided on whether kids under 18 should be allowed to fight. When all the smoke cleared Momo Shimizu walked away with the win after submitting Yamazaki in 2:59 of R2.

Since then Yamazaki has come back to prove she has what it takes to win fights. That loss to Shimizu back in may fueled her to victory in Deep Jewels 17 where Yamazaki KO’d her opponent, Rion Noda in 1:30 of R1. We will see if she can keep up this winning streak in Deep Jewels 18.

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You can stream the fights to you PC from this site:

Deep Jewels 18 Full Card:

  • Kana Watanabe  vs.  Hikari Sato 
  • Yukari Nabe  vs.  Yurika Nakakura 
  • Yuko Kiryu  vs.  Kyu Kitano  
  • Mizuki Furuse  vs.  Mika Arai 
  • Sayuri Yamaguchi  vs.  Mao 
  • Tomomi Souda  vs.  Madoka Ishibashi 
  • Kasia Malinowski  vs.  Toriko Miyata 
  • Satomi Takano  vs.  Tomo Maesawa 
  • Mika Nagano  vs.  Yuko Saito 
  • Emi Sato  vs.  Hikaru Aono 
  • Nanaka Kawamura  vs.  REICA 
  • Momoko Yamazaki  vs.  Momoka Yoshikawa 


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