QUINTET – The Buzz in the Grappling World

In the elite fiefdom that is World Team Grappling Championships, QUINTET delivers everything you need. QUINTET, its kachinuki winner stays on grappling gauntlet where team tactics are everything, raises so many questions:

  • How do you select your team members by strengths and size?
  • How will you fare with a 40kg weight difference?
  • How do you prepare for 5 different opponents? How about 10?
  • Who will be the first to submit all 5 of the opposition?

It can all boil down to the very last man standing; vengeance comes seemingly out of nowhere. The drama – the ups, downs, unexpected twists and turns that QUINTET throws at us has ignited a new torch in the professional grappling kingdom. Sakuraba in his element, the power and technique of Josh Barnett, the precision of Craig Jones, the phenomenal 10th Planet, and Tokoro with a beautiful Imanari roll to armbar…just watch the video already.

About the Author

Stewart Fulton
Pancrase MMA and QUINTET commentator on UFC Fight Pass. Twitter @sfultonMMA Instagram @sfulton_mma

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