RIZIN.14 Live Breakdown

Join us as we provide live analysis on the ground from Saitama Super Arena as the action happens this NYE.
Special Exhibition Match, 3R, 3 min:
Floyd Mayweather (66,7kg) vs. Tenshin Nasukawa (62,1kg)
RIZIN Bantamweight Championship Title, 61 kg, 3 R, 5 min:
Kyoji Horiguchi (60,8kg) vs. Darrion Caldwell (60,85kg)
RIZIN Super Atomweight Championship Title, 49 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Kanna Asakura (48.7 kg) vs. Ayaka Hamasaki (48.9 kg)
MMA, 93 kg, 1R 10 min, 2R 5 min (elbows):
Jiri Prochazka (92.9 kg) vs. Brandon Halsey (92.8 kg)
MMA, 102.5 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Gabi Garcia (101.85 kg) vs. Barbara Napomuceno (92.5 kg)
MMA, 70 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Daron Cruickshank (69.7kg) vs. Damien Brown (69.9kg)
MMA, 51kg, 3R, 5min:
Mika Nagano (50.65 kg) vs. Miyuu Yamamoto (50.65 kg)
MMA, 65 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Kazuyuki Miyata (63.7 kg) vs. Erson Yamamoto (64.75 kg)
* Miyata’s retirement fight
R1: Massive crowd support for Miyata as he steps into the ring for the last time in his career. He comes out with a flying knee attempting to bring his career full circle from how it started against Yamamoto’s uncle, KID. Miyata gets thrown but immediately looks for a triangle choke. Yamamoto picks him up and looks to slam him and Miyata moves for an armbar attempt. A scramble sees them back on their feet and trading until the bell.
R2: Miyata finds himself against the ropes getting tagged and they go to the ground with Yamamoto working G&P. Miyata stays busy looking for subs and finally makes Erson tap with a hammer lock at 2:23.
MMA, 70kg, 3R, 5min:
Yusuke Yachi (69.95kg) vs. Johnny Case (69.95kg)
R1: Yachi eats a one-two and gets manhandled to the canvas early, and pulls to butterfly breaking down Cases’s posture. Back on their feet and trading at 3 minutes in, case ever threatening the right cross. Both look for the high kick. Case ends up stunning Yachi twice in this round.
R2: Yachi comes out with some swelling under his right eye and Case continues to look for his stinging punches. Yachi pulls Cape into butterfly and tries to work his elevators. This is followed by a scramble and back to their feet trading knuckles again. The clock gets stopped as the doctors check a cut now opened under Yachi’s right eye. The fight gets stopped there, 4:47. Case’s right hand is a weapon.
MMA, 60 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Yuki Motoya (60kg) vs. Justin Scoggins (59.95kg)
R1: Scoggins opens up with some sharp shooting high kicks, Motoya blocks them. Motoya’s right hand finds the face of Scoggins, then pulls guard looking for a triangle choke. Doesn’t sink it, but switches to a teepee choke from the bottom at 3:28 and gets the tap.
MMA, 59 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Ulka Sasaki (58.7 kg) vs. Manel Kape (58.9 kg)
R1: Kape comes out to plenty of cheers from the natives – a crowd favourite. Sasaki opts for wrestling shoes and comes out to a very impressive modern shakuhachi track. Ulka works his stick and move; Kape looking to get inside with his footwork and let his hands fly. Despite Kape’s good footwork and head movement, Sasaki lands some good punches and knees. Sasaki shoots for a TD and attempts a neck crank before the end of the round.
R2: Sasaki times a TD nicely off a sharp jab and takes Kape’s back. Sasaki drops a bunch of forearm elbows and looks for Kape’s neck as he scrambles, but doesn’t get under the chin.
R3: More long range punching and a Sasaki TD lands him in half guard. Some G&P – hands and knees – keeps Kape where he is and the bell rings. Sasaki gets the nod from the judges.
MMA, 57 kg, 3R, 5 min (elbows):
Shinju Nozawa Auclair (56.55 kg) vs. Justyna Haba (56.65 kg)
R1: Auckair throws long jabs and lead inside leg kicks, they briefly clinch up. Haba circles looking for a big right hand bomb. Auclair drops Haba but Haba immediately attacks the arm from the bottom, then transitions for a toe hold. Auclair kicks to the face and they scramble to Auclair taking back.
R2: Auclair takes the back in the first minute, but Haba hustles round into her gaurd. An armbar attempt from the bottom fails and Haba capitalizes taking mount and dropping elbows. Haba ends up with Auclair’s back and sinks in a RNC at 3:41 into the round. Auclair doesn’t tap, goes to sleep but recovers quickly after the referee stop. She gets up and her face is a mess of welts from the elbow abuse.
MMA, 70kg, 3R, 5min:
Nobumitsu Tyson (69.9kg) vs. Tofiq Musayev (69.85kg)
R1: The card kicks off from here, originally the second fight on the card. Musayev comes out to some Arabic sounding music; Tyson comes out to Japanese ragga. Tyson’s stance very upright – almost karate – Musayev switching between southpaw and orthodox. Mostly outside kicking range moving to some vicious punch exchanges in the pocket. Round one finishes with a Musayev takedown and G&P.
R2: Musayev gets a TD early and blasts Tyson with ref-stopping G&P at 1:19.
MMA, 49kg, 3R, 5min:
Rena vs. Samantha Jean-Francois (49 kg) – CANCELLED
Rena failed to make weight and has been admitted to hospital.

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