Quintet Fight Night Tokyo 2 Results

Last weekend we were live at one of the greatest events around now-a-days. That is right, we are talking about Quintet. If you do not know what the rules of Quintet are, there is another article on just the rules here. Quintet Rule Explanation

Once again 4 teams were gathered to show us the best in team survival grappling. This time around there were many styles represented. This included MMA, Pro Wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The teams were also a mix of both Japanese athletes and international athletes providing us with a good and broad view of Martial Artists from around the world.

We were not let down there were some amazing stand out fighters and fights. Most notably there were a couple of outstanding Martial Artists both from Team Neo-Judo and Team Carpe Diem. Both Shutaro Debana and Sotaro Yamada went on to beat several opponents in a row. They were the stand out talents of the show. That being said, there were so many great fights on this card you did not have a chance to blink or you may miss something.

Shutaro Debana started off the day with an incredible win over Minowaman with a 15 second armbar! The next round he also made quick work of famous MMA fighter, Hideo Tokoro with a sneaky Ezekiel choke from mount.

Debana went on to fight the Team U-Japan leader Tsuyoshi Kosaka next. Due to the 20 Kg difference in weight they were only given a 4:00 minute match. At the end no decision was made so both fighters were disqualified.

Team Neo-Judo went on to win the first round and moved into the finals.

Next up was Team Carpe Diem vs Team Soldier. This was a fantastic match up as Carpe Diem and Team Soldier had a mix of international stars and varying sizes in the athletes.

First up was Sergio Rios De Silva from Brazil vs Reda Mebtouche from France.

This was a high level high pressure match that kept the crowd thoroughly engaged. Mebtouche made several attempts to take the back of Silva. Silva was not having it and was working several arm attacks and additionally taking Metouche’s back many times. However this all ended in a draw which eliminated both fighters.

The next fight was the most uneven fight as far as fighter weights go. The fighter David Garmo was 27 Kgs lighter than his opponent. He was going up against Team Soldier’s leader, Hideki “Shrek” Sekine. David Garmo was thrown around a lot in this match up but that didn’t slow him down a bit. He kept pressing the attacks. In the end it was a draw as well, eliminating both fighters.

Next up was the Superstar from Ghana, Haisam Rida vs Declan Moody from Australia. Moody tries to go into a sitting position and is quickly gets his ankle locked up by Rida. A few seconds later, Rida moves it to a kneebar and ends the fight.

Rida then went on to face Igor Tanabe. Tanabe, is 18 years old and has been doing BJJ since the age of 6. They are both excellent fighters and have a good future in BJJ and in Quintet. This fight went the distance and both fighters were eliminated.

After this fight was a bout between Sotaro Yamada and Yuta Nakamura. Sotaro Yamada started to show his dominance early in this match. His style is a mix of powerful and quick position changes in to strong submissions. It would prove to be the winning combination in this fight as well. Yamada advanced to the next fight and wins this round for Team Carpe Diem propelling them to the finals to face Neo Judo.

In the final round Yamada goes on to beat 3 out of 5 of Neo Judo to win the tournamant for Team Carpe Diem.

You can catch the replay on UFC Fightpass.

In Addition to the regular team tournament the first ever female match took place. We had Rikako Yuasa Vs. Haruki Ishiguro. This inaugural female match is leading us up to the all female card that is coming up in April 2019. This will be an extremely  popular event and will quickly sell out. Japan is in the middle of an explosion of Female Martial Artists. There is some incredible talent here.

This match was no exception Both Yuasa and Ishiguro are both exciting and highly skilled grapplers. This fight went back and forth all the way until the end with Yuasa catching Ishiguro in a match ending armbar.

There was so much action on this card with amazing battles. If you have the chance to see this event live you should do it. The rules and the action are always being updated so that they can have peak performances in these bouts. Of course, MMA Japan will be there to keep you up to date on all the latest MMA and Quintet news.



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