Quintet Tokyo Fight Night 2 Press Event

Today we had the chance to attend the Quintet Fight Night 2 Press Conference. As always, Quintet put on a great Press Event. The event will take place tomorrow in in Tachii and it will be aired live on UFC FightPass for anyone that cannot make it to the live show. This time around the English commentator will be the famous Scottish commentator, Stewart Fulton. He will be joined by special guest commentator, Miyu Yamamoto.


This time in Quintet we have 4 teams competing for the Gold. Team One is called Team U-Japan. The members are Minowa man (83.2 Kgs) , Hideo Tokoro (64.6 Kgs), TK (99.15 Kgs), Daisuke Nakamura (78.6 Kgs), and Hirotaka Yokoi (99.9 Kgs).  The combined total weight for the team  is 423.6 Kgs.


They will face off against Team Neo Judo in the first round at Quintet Fight Night Tokyo 2.  On Neo Judo you have Michihiro Omigawa (73.4 Kgs), Shutaro Debana (77.6 Kgs), Yoshiyuki Yoshida (84.7 Kgs), Koshi Matsumoto (77.45 Kgs), and Yukiyasu Ozawa (Couldn’t make the weigh-ins on time). The total weight for the team without Ozawa was 313.2 Kgs.

The second round of team fights is between Team Soldier and Team Carpe Diem. Team Soldier is an international mix of excellent Martial Artists hand picked by Hideki “Shrek” Sekine. The team line up is Hideki “Shrek” Sekine (107.4 Kgs), Yuta Nakamura (79.25 Kgs), Sergio Rios De Silva (76.15 Kgs), Declan Moody (73.55 Kgs), and Igor “Fat Ninja” Tanabe (91.55 Kgs).  Team’s total weight comes to 428.55 Kgs.

They will face Team Carpe Diem which consists of Haisam Rida (93.0 Kgs), Sotaro Yamada (84.75 Kgs), Thomas Mietz (83.1 Kgs), David Garmo (80.9 Kgs) and Reda Mebtouche (86.4 Kgs).  Team’s total weight was 428.15 Kgs.


The winning teams from Round 1 and Round 2 will then face off in final round and the winning team from Round 3 will get the tournament gold. In addition to the tournament fights there will also be a special female match between Rikako Yuasa and Haruki Ishiguro. This will be a catch weight match and will be the first time for female fighters to compete in the Quintet series. Sakuraba san said during the press conference that Quintet is looking forward to putting on an exciting all female fighter tournament this year in April.

Sakuraba san will also be having an exhibition match during the event and said that he has a bright outlook for 2019 for Quintet. In addition to the all Female tournament coming up in April he hopes to have Quintet events in Las Vegas and in England this year. They are working hard to make those events happen for the fans.

Quintet Fight Night Tokyo 2 Kicks off tomorrow. Check your local times and tune in on UFC Fightpass. Of course MMA Japan will be there live providing you with live updates via Twitter. Make sure to follow @mmajpn1 and #Quintet on Twitter.

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