ONE Championship: Call to Greatness – Masahide Kudo

Masahide Kudo faces WBC World Muay Thai Champion, Petchdam Petchyindee Academy in Singapore on February 22nd.






ONE Championship: Call to Greatness goes down in Singapore in a matter of hours from now. Japanese kickboxer, and RISE Featherweight Champion, Masahide Kudo takes his second fight with the promotion, and we caught up with him after the weigh ins.

MMA-Japan: First, can you tell us about your preparation for this fight and how you are feeling?

Kudo: My opponent is a very strong fighter, so I’ve trained more than ever for this fight, and I feel that I’m in great condition.

MMA-Japan: Please give us your impression of your opponent.

Kudo: He is a Muay Thai fighter and he’s going to throw a lot of kicks. And, unlike many Muay Thai fighters, he’s very aggressive, so I think our styles are going to match up very well.

MMA-Japan: What kind of approach will you take, and how do you think this fight will play out?

Kudo: There’s going to be a lot of hard punches and kicks. It’s going to be a wild fight, and I think everyone will be very excited.

MMA-Japan: Can you tell to us a little about how you became involved in the martial arts?

Kudo: I have always liked the martial arts. I used to watch K-1 on TV, and kickboxing matches, and I thought I would also like to try it myself.

MMA-Japan: Did you have a particular fighter that you liked and modeled yourself after?

Kudo: I ‘d say K-1 Masato was my favorite.

MMA-Japan: Lastly, please give us a message to all the fans watching in Japan and worldwide.

MK: To everyone that is watching, I will give you a match so exciting that you won’t be able to sleep afterwards. Please make sure and watch tomorrow. Thank you so much for your support.

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