Deep Jewels 25 Card for September 1, 2019

Deep Jewels is one of the fastest growing and hottest promotions in Japan right now. This all female promotion has launched the careers of several excellent fighters that have gone on to become champions in Rizin and other organizations. September 1st they will have their next event and the card looks stacked.


DEEP JEWELS 49kg or less 5min 2R
・ Nagao Sonic (AACC) vs. Lion (KRAZY BEE)
* Nagaoka Kawamura (Masked Girl) was pulled from the fight due to an injury during training, and Nagao Sonic’s opponent was changed.
DEEP JEWELS 55kg or less AA rule 3 minutes 2R
・ Shoko Fujita (Reversal Gym Shinjuku ME.WE) VS Tomoko Inoue (Striped Ibaraki)

[Announced match cards]
DEEP JEWELS Flyweight 5min 3R
・ Shizuka Sugiyama (Reversal Gym Shinjuku Me, We) VS Akira Hayashi (Free)
DEEP JEWELS Featherweight 5min 2R
・ Super Benkei (Gamelan Nack) VS Mao Ueda (Free)
DEEP JEWELS Atom Class 5min 2R
・ Hikaru Aono (Striped Shinyurigaoka) VS Miyuki Furusawa (Budo Martial Arts Dojo BURST)
DEEP JEWELS micro class 5min 2R
・ Momoko Yamazaki (Reversal Gym Yokohama Grand Slam) vs. Nisese (Martial Arts Dojo Fighting Spirit)
DEEP JEWELS KICK rule 51kg or less 3 minutes 3R
・ Jet Izumi (Free) VS KAI (Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA)




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