One Championship: Century Preview

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the One Championship Fan and Media preview for One Championship: Century which will take place on October 13th. During this event they let us know some of the early decisions for who will be on the card. We have a very good line-up so far. We will see Shooto Champions taking on Pancrase Champions. Some of the best fighters in Japan will be there to impress fans and show us all a fantastic event. In addition to this being the second show in Tokyo, Japan, it will be One Championship’s 100th Event! We are guaranteed to see an amazing show.

Here is the card so far.


Shooto vs Pancrase champions.

Koshi Matsumoto vs Takasuke Kume (LW)

Shoko Sato vs Rafael Silva (BW)

Hernani Perpetuo vs Hiroyuki Tetsuka (WW)

Yosuke Saruta vs Daichi Kitakata (STW)

October 13, Tokyo, Japan.


On August 7th One Championship held the “OFFICE DE FACE OFF NIGHT” a fan event and face off event. It took place at their office in Tokyo at the Hibiya Park Front building.

In addition to the fighters, Andy Hata the ONE Championship Japan President, Shooto President, Kazuhiro Sakamoto, and PANCRASE Masakazu Sakai were in attendance. Each of the honored guest talked about their passion for Martial Arts and expanding the market for JMMA in the world.

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