Honor Paid to The Sheik in Shinjuku

Yesterday MMA Japan, the leading source of MMA  news in English in Asia, attended the premiere of the Pro Wrestling Documentary “The Sheik” here in Japan.

There were many fans in the theater to see this legendary wrestler’s documentary film. During the film, there were several times that you found yourself laughing and then there were times you found yourself on the verge of tears. The documentary is packed with other legendary wrestlers talking about their best memories of working with the Sheik. The documentary also delves deep into his historic rise in the wrestling business and his specific contributions. Contributions like helping to kick off Hulkamania in the 80s and leaving us with the current WWE that we have now. The Sheik’s wit, business prowess, wrestling skills, troubles, and tribulations are all laid out before your eyes in this tell-all documentary. It is a must-see for all wrestling fans and MMA fans.

After the movie concluded we had a 30-minute discussion with Hachimitsu Jiro and Akira Maeda. They also brought out special guest former UFC Champion Josh Barnett who praised The Sheik and all his accomplishments in the world of Pro Wrestling.

*Photo courtesy of https://twitter.com/AkiraMaedaWORLD


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