Quintet Fight Night 6 in Tokyo March 12th

A special singles match between Daisuke Nakamura and Tomoshige Sera will be held at QUINTET FIGHT NIGHT 6 in Tokyo.
We are pleased to announce that the special singles match between Daisuke Nakamura and Tomoshige Sera will be held on March 12th (Fri.) at QUINTET FIGHT NIGHT 6 in TOKYO (EX THEATER ROPPONGI). Both fighters have been thrilling the audience with their aggressive fighting style and many Ippon wins in QUINTET.

Rules of the match
◉ Contract weight 75kg
◉8 minutes ippon match
In case of a tie, the winner is determined by flag decision by judges.


Fighter’s details:

Daisuke Nakamura/ Japan
(Date of birth) June 10, 1980
(Height/weight) 176cm/78kg
(Affiliation) Mixed Martial Arts Yugetsudo Honpo
(Style) Professional wrestling
(Major titles won) National Mixed Martial Arts Open
Tournament National Tournament Under 82kg Winner
(2002), 7th DEEP Lightweight Title (2012)

Tomoshige Sera/ Japan
(Date of birth) July 10, 1989
(Height/weight) 168cm/72kg
(Affiliation) CARPE DIEM
(Style) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
(Major Titles Earned) IBJJF Asian Championship Black Belt
Featherweight runner-up (2017)


Comments from the fighters:

Nakamura is from Pro Wrestling NOAH, Sugiura Force.  He said “We’ve fought as a team several times. I’ve fought Carpe Diem several times as a team, but fighting Sera, I feel like finally, it’s happening! That’s how I feel. I’m looking forward to it.
I will do my best to make the match as good as or better than the expectations of the viewers. Pro Wrestling vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! I look forward to seeing you there!”

Tomoshige Sera is from Carpe Diem.  He said “I’m Tomoshige Sera from Calpe Diem, and I’m going to participate in a one-match. My opponent is Daisuke Nakamura. He has been my favorite fighter for a long time, and I’ve been watching his fights as a fan. He is a skilled grappler and has a unique style and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of match it will be. Last time, we lost in a disappointing way and lost the team’s consecutive championship. I am looking forward to seeing how the match will go. I will try to win by Ippon to make up for the last loss.”

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