RISE World Series 2019 Results

Results from the 58kg tournament:

Suakim PK Senchai (104-23-3) defeats Thalisson Ferreira (14-1) in R3 by KO (left toe kick to body)

Rungkit Wor. Sanprapai (58-16-1) defeats Fred Cordeiro by UD

Shiro (23-5-4) defeats Vladyslav Mykytas (18-3) in R3 by TKO (low kicks)

Tenshin Nasukawa (28-0) defeats Federico Roma (63-4-1) in R3 by KO (cartwheel high kick)

Tenshin Nasukawa – cartwheel head kick KO at RISE World Series 2019

Semi-final matches set for July 21st in Osaka:

Suakim PK Senchai vs. Tenshin Nasukawa

Rungkit Wor. Sanprapai vs. Shiro


Results from the 61kg tournament:

Taiju Shiratori (13-5-7) defeats Hector Santiago (36-7) by UD after R4 (extra round)

Genji Umeno (41-10-3) defeats Lu Jun (28-19) by UD

Saeksan Or Kwanmuang (182-36-6) defeats Taiga by SD

Chan Hyung Lee (25-8-1) defeats Yuki (46-23-2) by UD

Semi-final matches set for July 21st in Osaka:

Taiju Shiratori vs. Seksan Kwanmuang

Genji Umeno vs. Chan Hyung Lee


Super Featherweight (60kg) Single Match

Ruka (7-1-1) vs. Tatsuki Shinotsuka (5-1): Shinotsuka wins in R1 (right cross to body)

RISE WS 61kg Tournament Reserve Match

Kento Haraguchi (20-3) vs. Miguel Martinez (19-4): Haraguchi wins in R1 by KO (25s; left toe kick to the body)

RISE WS 55kg Superfight

Masahiko Suzuki (20-3) vs. Deok Jae Yoon (15-5-1): Suzuki wins in R1 by TKO (punches)

RISE WS Welterweight Non-title Superfight

“Black Panther” Beynoah (12-0) vs. Tapron Hadesworkout (?): Tapron wins in R1 by KO (left hook)

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