Deep Jewels 23 Review and Results

Last weekend the promotion Deep did a double header. On one day, in one venue they held both Deep Jewels 23 and Deep 88 Impact. It was a full day of MMA Action.

The Deep Jewels promotion has become very popular over the last few years. They are responsible for launching the careers of several now famous fighters that have gone on to fight in other promotion but always return to their home turf of Deep.

WMMA has been growing by leaps and bounds all over the world in many markets. With promotions like Rizin giving the chance for some Japanese female fighters to become stars in Japan the eyes of international promotions are starting to shift their gaze over here to our local athletes. We can see that from these humble beginnings that in the future JMMA will have some female Superstars and heroes on their hands. This will mean that more of the talent out of Japan can be shown to a greater international audience. Potentially over a billion people!

The card for Deep Jewels 23 was stacked. We had some of the best that JMMA has to offer from their female athlete. People to keep your eyes on like Kanna Watanabe, King Reina, and Kanna Asakura.


In addition to the larger venue, this time Deep Jewels used the same cage as Deep 88. This is a great step forward for the promotion because the cage offers many advantages over the ring and often leads to less resets by the ref.

One of the best highlights on this card was when King Reina KO’d her opponent Mao Ueda in :25 of Round 1 with a massive barrage of straight punches. After the match King Reina did her victory speech and called out to Mr. Nobuyuki Sakakibara telling him that she wants to be back in Rizin and that everyone wants to see her fight. This was met with thunderous applause and Mr. Nobuyuki Sakakibara said he would take that into consideration. It seems that things are looking up for King Reina after some weight loss and a new KO under her belt.

Another highlight you will want to see is the main event which put crowd favorite Kanna Asakura up against Tomo Maesawa. Both fighters had the skills it takes to hold a main event. This match was a good mix of stand up and ground fighting with some very high level guard passing and escapes. At the end of it all it was a very close call, but Kanna Asakura walked away with the victory.


Full Results:


Kanna Asakura def Tomo Maesawa Unanimous Dec
Reina Miura def Mao Ueda KO/TKO, 0:25 R1
Kana Watanabe def Soo Min Kang KO/TKO, 4:33 R1
Emi Tomimatsu def Hikaru Aono Sub, 4:44 R2
Suwanan Boonsorn def Emi Sato Sub, 0:33 R1
Yukari Nabe def Sachiko Fujimori Sub, 2:42 R2
Asami Nakai def Yuko Oya Unanimous Dec
Yasuko Tamada def Madoka Ishibashi Unanimous Dec
Ai Shimizu def Sae Kokuho KO/TKO, 1:08 R1
Kotori Tamiya def Mizuki Oshiro Majority Dec
Mikiko Shimizu def Shoko Fujita


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