Deep Jewels 24 Signals the Return of Rin Nakai to MMA

On June 9th, 2019 at Shinjuku Face, the promotion Deep will present Deep Jewels 24. They have an impressive line up for this card. One of the most exciting aspects of this card is the return of crowd favorite Rin Nakai. This time around Nakai will take on the 26-year-old phenom from Thailand named Geo Chai from Tamthong Gym. She is ready to take on Nakai. She has an impressive background in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling. This is going to be a war in the ring. She is probably the strongest opponent yet for Rin Nakai

In addition to the Rin Nakai Vs. Geo Chai, the promotion has also announced the Deep Jewels Atom grade 5 Mins 2R for Hikaru Aono (Striple Shin Yurigaoka)  Vs. Mikoko Ogiyama (Nagoya Fight Club)


Event Card (Subject to change):

DEEP JEWELS Atom grade 5 minutes 3R

・ Emi Tomimatsu (Para Estra Matsudo) VS Emi Emi Sato (Mori Dojo)

DEEP JEWELS straw class 5 minutes 2R

· Mika Nagano (CORE Ojishima Toshima) vs Miki Honno (AACC)

DEEP JEWELS 51 kg or less 5 minutes 2R

・ Kan Kawamura (Masked Women) VS MAO (Free)

DEEP JEWELS Atom grade 5 minutes 2R

・ Momoko Yamazaki (Reversal Gym Yokohama Ground Slam) VS Takei Satoshi (Akira Motomiya)

DEEP JEWELS straw class 5 minutes 2R
· Jettoizumi (free) VS dump Ryoko (BRAVE)

DEEP JEWELS 49 kg or less 5 minutes 2R

・ Kuniho Saegumi (Japanese Traditional Kotobunabashi Dojo) VS Nagao Sonic (AACC)




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