Pancrase 309

Last weekend, Pancrase 309 was held at the Studio Coast venue. The card was a small one compared to other Pancrase cards that we have seen recently. This time around the card featured 12 fights. This is not to say that it was light on excitement. As always Pancrase brings the MMA entertainment that the fans expect. This card was no exception. The main event was a rematch of Isao “Never Quit” Kobayashi 24-5-4 (Win-Loss-Draw) vs. Gaum native, Kyle Aguon 13-7-0 (Win-Loss-Draw).

The two warriors had met before in Pancrase 289 back in August of 2017. Back then Kyle Aguon basically picked apart Kobayashi at will. Kobayashi fought back but seemed to not be able to get off the losing end of the fight. The judged thought the same and awarded the fight to Aguon in a Split Decision win. This time around, Isao Kobayashi came into the fight on a 3 fight winning streak. Pumped and ready to put on a good show.

The young killer out of Guam, Kyle Aguon, came into the fight with a 2 fight winning streak. He was preparing for this fight with Kobayashi for a while. Once he stepped into the cage it was obvious that he was there to go to war. The fight was an amazing display of back and forth action. In the end, the fight went to the judges. Looking at Koyayashi’s fight history, he has a professional record of scoring 9 KO/TKOs in his career. Aguon has 3 Submission finishes with no KO/TKO finishes. It seemed that both fighters went into the fight to add to their KO records. Heavy hands were thrown throughout the fight, but in the end, it went to the judges who decided in favor of Kobayashi in a Split decision. Overall a fantastic performance by both fighters. You can catch a replay on UFC FightPass.




Full Card Results.

Win                                          Loss

  • Isao Kobayashi  vs.  Kyle Aguon 145 lbs
  • A. Yoshihiro Yamaniha  vs.  Takeshi Kasugai 135 lbs
  • Yoko Higashi  vs.  Tatiane Fontes 135 lbs
  • Raika Emiko  vs.  Anne Karoline 125 lbs
  • Hiromitsu Miura  vs.  Gota Yamashita 170 lbs
  • Kenta Takagi  vs.  Aleksandar Rakas 170 lbs
  • Ukyo Abe  vs.  Shinichi Taira 155 lbs
  • Seio Date  vs.  Toru Fujii 135 lbs
  • Tatsuki Okano  vs.  Yuma Nakajima 125 lbs
  • Keisuke Tachibana  vs.  Masaya Oshiro 115 lbs
  • Naoki Arikawa  vs.  Ryosuke Kano 125 lbs
  • Ryo Iseki  vs.  Teppei Suwabe 135 lbs

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