Mia Kang, Muay Thai fighter and Model



Mia Kang, Muay Thai fighter and Model, recently purchased the “ONE Championship Stay Home Kit” sold at the ONE official store (https://one.shop).  The kit includes a “We Are ONE” t-shirt that will be used to help people affected by the new coronavirus.  100% of the revenue from the shirts will be donated to the people affected by coronavirus. She posted a picture of herself wearing the “We are ONE shirt”.

In response to the post, ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri commented, “Thank you for your support. If you want to compete in the world’s largest martial arts organization, please let me know. “Thank you for supporting not only Asia but also the local community by wearing a “We Are ONE” t-shirt. ”

Also, Kang was sitting on the ringside of “ONE: A NEW TOMORROW” held in Bangkok, Thailand in January this year. It was rumored that she would participate in ONE from that time. A few months later, Kang also posted a video in which she stared at ONE’s atom weight player Be Nguyen (USA). Attention is focused on whether or not the celebrity step into the cage of ONE in the near future.

In a column of the electronic version of VOGUE published on December 10, 2019, she expressed her passion for Muay Thai as follows.

“I learned what true confidence is. Muay Thai has taught me the feeling of facing an enemy head-on. At that time, when I stepped into the ring I needed 100% confidence. Even a little doubt in myself means defeat. Recognizing and accepting my strengths and weaknesses, Muay Thai gave me the opportunity to “wake up within.”

What I’ve learned is how to love myself. The first thing is to take good care of yourself and your body, and when you try to take good care of yourself, you seek the best you can be and you will see you are very strong and capable. Exercise is awakening and awareness of what your body has. ”


■ Mia Kang

Origin: Hong Kong

Age: 31 years old
Results: 1 win 0 loss (3R TKO)


I’m from Hong Kong. Having Korean and British parents, she has been active as a model and has a career of participating in a professional Muay Thai match. She is also a talented fighter, with a degree in philosophy and economics from a British university and a master’s degree in finance law from the Greater East Asian Studies Institute in London.

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