Stamp Fairtex Enjoys Quality Time with Family Amid COVID-19 Crisis

A veteran of over 80 Muay Thai fights, sensational striker Stamp Fairtex has enjoyed a stellar run in the Atomweight division, securing Kickboxing and Muay Thai belts under the One Championship banner.

Seeking new challenges, the polished striker tried her hand at mixed martial arts. A scintillating 19 second KO in her Warrior Series debut propelled Stamp into the spotlight. Now riding an undefeated 4-0 MMA record under One Championship, the Thai native has established herself as one of the brightest stars for the organization.

It was not only her fighting prowess that garnered attention, the energetic walkout “Stamp Dance” became a viral sensation and integral part of her performances. “Music and dance are important to me because they help me relax and make people remember me. I want everyone to recognize the ‘Stamp Dance’, declared the charismatic star.

Despite COVID-19 lock down restrictions the animated Stamp does not miss a step when it comes to keeping busy. “During this time, I help my father paint the house – we just finished! We are also cooking at home as my grandparents are here. We also do some activities together like playing games, and singing karaoke at home,” she reported.

As soon as restrictions are lifted and competition restarts expect Stamp to get back to captivating her fans with her electrifying fights and iconic dance moves. “To show the best performance is most important to me. I’d like to make the audience enjoy everything about my matches,” the warrior enthused.

A natural entertainer with a strong sense of affinity for her fans, the Atomweight sensation left a message from the heart, emphasizing health and safety in a troubling time. “I’d like to ask everyone to take good care of yourselves and people around you, and please stay safe and always protected wherever you go.”

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