Deep Jewels 32 Results and Fight Breakdowns

March 7th, 2021 marked the triumphant return of the all-female MMA Promotion known as Deep Jewels in Japan. They launched their 32 show in the numbered series and MMA Japan was right there in the middle of the action, Not one missed kick, punch, or takedown. Female matches here in Japan have long been a crowd favorite and the popularity of the Deep Jewels promotion is always growing.

This time around Rizin CEO, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, commented on his official Twitter that the next phase of the superstar will come from Deep Jewels! That is a very good sign for the fighters on the card. They have the chance to step into the ring of the next Rizin show if they perform well. You can rest assured every fight on that card was amazing.


Quick Results:

  1. Saori Oshima Beats Emi Tomimatsu Sub, 0:45 R1
  2. Si Woo Park Beats Mizuki Oshiro Unanimous Dec
  3. Hikaru Aono Beats Emi Sato Unanimous Dec
  4. Seika Izawa Beats Megumi Sugimoto Sub, 0:58 R1
  5. Yukari Nabe Beats Mikiko Shimizu Unanimous Dec
  6. Shoko Fujita Beats Yuko Oya Unanimous Dec
  7. Hime Beats Kate Lotus Unanimous Dec
  8. Karin Horii Beats Momoka Yoshikawa Split Dec
  9. Sara vs. Rajina Ends in a Draw

Fight Break downs:

Fight 1: Sara vs. Rajina Ends in a Draw

Fight 2: Karin Horii Beats Momoka Yoshikawa Split Dec

Fight 3:  Hime Beats Kate Lotus Split Dec

R1: The fight starts with two fighters feeling each other’s quick defenses. Lotus scores a takedown on Hime. They grapple to the cage where they stand up on the cage. Lotus gets in some sharp knees while she has Hime pinned to the cage. Lotus is clearly pushing the pace of the fight in R1.

R2: Hime comes out of the break with fury and shows some very dominant stand-up fighting striking skills. This time Hime pushed Lotus to the cage and they struggle for a moment then move to standing dog fight position. Lotus is throwing some punches while in dog fight position. They break off and separate a bit and Hime throws a flying front kick. After that Hime finished the second round strong with a flurry of punches.

Judges Call 19-19, 19-19, 19-19 2 for Blue corner and one for Red. Hime gets the win. 

Fight 4: Shoko Fujita Beats Yuko “Amiba” Oya Unanimous Dec

R1: Fujita feels out Oya for defense weaknesses. Oya is firing back strong punches. Fujita goes to leg kicks and Oya scores a takedown. After the takedown, Fujita struggles to the top position.  Oya manages to get back up and the two fighters are pressed on the cage wall. Fujita works in a few knees and Oya is focused on more takedowns. These takedowns are wasted on Fujita because she has extremely strong takedown defense and stuffs every attempt. Oya keeps pushing the takedown and finally gets Fujita to the ground, only for Fujita to gain the top position and then mount in order to rain down punches. Towards the end of R1 Oya is able to fight back to her feet, but the round has clearly gone to Fujita.

R2: Fujita comes out the break aggressively with leg kicks. Suddenly the ref calls a timeout, but after a small check, he restarts times. The two fighters go toe to toe for a few exchanges. Oya tried to do another takedown but that attempt was shut down by Fujita. They then went back to the cage with Fujita managing to stay dominant in R2. Oya tries a few more takedowns but Fujita is denying her the opportunity over and over. Fujita is perfectly timing her punches with each takedown attempt.

Judges Call 20-20, 20-15, 20- 15 all for the Red corner, and the win goes to Fujita. 

Fight 5: Yukari Nabe Beats Mikiko “Nirvana” Shimizu Unanimous Dec

R1: This fight started off with Nirvana wasting no time starting off with some strong striking. Nabe isn’t going to let this go easily and quickly gets a superb takedown. Nabe takes mount and puts in a mounted front choke on Nirvana. Nirvana looks like she is in trouble but manages to escape the submission attempt and get back to her feet. Nabe puts her on the cage and tries to check the legs looking for a second takedown in R1. Nabe is able to achieve her takedown and quickly moves to mount to rain down punches in a ground and pound. Nirvana stunned and gives up her back but Nabe is locked in for the ride. Nirvana gets up to her feet again and Nabe sets up and executes a perfect hip throw. Nabe gets to quarter mount and starts to pummel Nirvana with head punches and body punches. Nabe tries to pass guard to side control but R1 ends.

R2: Both fighters come out charged up and strong. Nabe pressures Nirvana to the cage, she trips her to the ground and once again gets top position. Nirvana is able to get back up to the cage and the two keep fighting on the cage wall. Nabe gets another takedown and this time she moves to the back of Nirvana. Just as the round ends Nabe gets in some very solid knee shots.


Judges call 20-17, 20-17, 20-17 for the Red corner, and Nabe takes the win

Fight 6: Seika Izawa Beats Megumi Sugimoto Sub, 0:58 R1

This was a grappling rules match. The fighters both showed amazing talent and skill in Brazilian Jiujitsu. In the end, Izawa gets the tap and walked away with the win.


Fight 7: Hikaru Aono Beats Emi Sato Unanimous Dec

R1: Aono rushes in and gets the takedown first thing. Sato has no answer for Aono’s ground game. She basically stayed on the ground and just ate punches until the bell range for R1.

R2: Aono having massively dominated in R1 does the same move and gets the takedown early in R2. Sato finally moves and tries to pull guard as her corner is yelling for her to do something. Aono breaks her full guard and does a simple standing guard pass. Aono once again takes the top position and punishes Sato for the rest of R2.


Judges call 20-17, 20-17, 20-17 All for the Red Corner and Aono walks away with the win.


Fight 8: Si Woo Park Beats Mizuki “Nisse” Oshiro Unanimous Dec

R1: Park starts to do leg kicks early in R1. Nisse doesn’t seem bothered by the first few. She then tries to check Park’s front leg. They have a few exchanges back and forth with punches and kicks. R1 seems pretty evenly matched from this point. Park starts to get Nisse going backward and Park goes in and gets a takedown. Nisse is fast and quickly gets top position. They grapple and get to the cage and use it to stand back up. That is short-lived because Park gets Nisse back down and takes mount. She is able to get in several punches that of unanswered by Nisse. There is a short time stop by the ref, but it is soon started again. They go back to the cage and Park puts in some heavy knees to Nisse’s head. Nisse is pushing for a takedown but R1 ends.

R2: Park comes out strong with some excellent boxing techniques. Park is pushing Nisse back and they end up back on the cage again.  Park gets good body shots on Nisse while she is pressed on the cage. Park takes Nisse down and gets mount. She gets in a ground and pound to close out R2.

Judges Call 20-17,20-17, 20-17, 20-17, 20-17 All for the Red Corner, and Park takes the win.


Fight 9: Saori Oshima Beats Emi Tomimatsu Sub, 0:45 R1

Both fighters started out very strong. Suddenly in a blink of an eye, Oshima gets the takedown and submits Tomimatsu (RNC?) in 45 Second of R1. It was a quick and very impressive win for Oshima.


Pre-Fight Weigh-in (In Japanese only):

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