Pancrase 284 Fight Highlight: Alan “Yoshihiro” Yamaniha Vs. Tadahiro Harada

On Feb 5th, 2017 we are back in Differ Ariake for Pancrase 284. This card is going to be packed with great fights. We want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the fights that we are looking forward to seeing. One that you absolutely want to keep an eye on is Alan “Yoshihiro” Yamaniha Vs. Tadahiro Harada.


Both of these fighters have been in wars in the cage. Yamaniha comes to the cage from Nagoya, Japan. He trains out of TS Gym under the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu phenom Satoshi Roberto. His last fight was in Pancrase 281 against Shunichi Shimizu. He won that fight by split decision at the end of 3 rounds. Even though both fighters are high level Brazilian Jiu-jitsu players, most of that match was on the feet. They each showed some excellent standing and striking skills in that match up. (Worth checking out on UFC Fightpass)

Tadahiro Harada comes to the cage all the way from Fukuoka, Japan. He trains out of the famous dojo Paraestra Kitakyushu. Paraestra has several dojo affiliates around Japan and has always produced top notch, high level Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighters. Harada is no exception to that rule. His Jiu-jitsu is nothing short of amazing. He also fought and won in Pancrase 281 against Kosuke Terashima. That fight was very one sided as Harada spent most of the fight on Terashima’s back.

In past fights Harada has also shown that he has what it takes in the standing and striking game as well. This will be a match that can go either way as both men are deadly in newaza or in tachiwaza. It will be interesting to see what stategy each camp decides to use. Will they put their fighter on the ground or have them stand in the pocket and throw hands? We will find out on Feb 5th!

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