Pancrase 288 Preview

This weekend we have Pancrase 288. Of course MMA Japan will be there live Tweeting from the event. You can follow #Pancrase288 to keep track of all the behind the scenes action. You can also get the quickest access to the fighters here on MMA Japan. If you have questions to ask the fighters you can Tweet to the #Pancrase288 and tag @mmajp1 in the post and we will ask them your questions. If your question is really good it may end up on one of our prefight video! Stay tuned.

Let’s have a sneek peek at some of the killers that will be going to war this weekend. The first fight that we are looking forward to is Kazuki Tokudome (17-7-1) vs Kieran Joblin (20-7-0).

Tokudome is one of Japan’s most loved fighters. He fights out of Paraestra Hachioji. A dojo chain that has been on the JMMA scene for a while. They have produced fantastic BJJ and MMA fighters that love to compete. Tokudome is a former UFC fighter and former Light Weight King of Pancrase. He lost his KOP belt to the current Light weight KOP, Takasuke Kume  (18-5-3). His last fight was against Akira Okada (11-4-3). Tokudome dominated that fight and won with punches. He is currently on a one fight winning streak.

His opponent comes from Australia / NZ. His name is Kieran Jobin (20-7-0). Jobin is on fire these days. He is coming into this fight with a 4 fight winning streak and is looking to make his Pancrase debut count. He is not joking around. Check out his win in XFC 28, November 19, 2016 “Road to Pancrase”.  This will be his first fight in Pancrase. He is going up against one of the best fighters the promotion has to offer. This is going to be a battle of epic porpotions.

The Next fight that you need to pay attention to is the mail event. Hiromitsu Miura 12-6-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) Vs. Daiichi Abe 3-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). Two of Japan’s most enthusiastic fighters. You are guarenteed to see a great match. This will be for the battle for the Welter Weight King of Pancrase Title.

Abe is currently on a 3 fight winning streak and has not tasted the sting of defeat in the cage. He is a strong and fast fighter that is very light on his feet. He will put up a strong challenge for Hiromitsu Miura.

Miura who is also on a 3 fight winning streak will be defending his Welter Weight KOP for the first time. He has had a spat of fight cancellations in the past. He is ready to get back in that cage and show the fans why he is their champion. We have a full card of great fights coming up. You will have Stewart Fulton and Guy Delumeau calling the shot on UFC Fight Pass for our English speaking fans. Make sure you check it out on July 2nd in Japan or July 1st in the US.

Of course, MMA Japan will be there LIVE Tweeting. Search for #Pancrase288 and catch all the behind the scenes Tweets and Photos! Follow @mmajpn1 on twitter.





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