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September 23, Shogun vs. Saint Preux 2 headline has been changed. Reportedly, the old school Pride favourite in Japan, Shogun, is out and replaced by Yushin, Okami. The hardy Japanese fighter, who once challenged the then powerfully reigning champion, Anderson Silva, will be looking to impress the new brass since he was cut from the roster despite being top 5 at the time. His absence of self promotion coupled with few a tough fights won on points left him quick to depart from the UFC. He’s in to make an impression, but he’s a middleweight who’s been fighting at welterweight of late.

Keita Nakamura is likely to take every opportunity to enforce his RNC, so keep a close eye on his over-under trips to mount or back take.

And, who DOESN’T want to see Gohkan Saki open up his merciless speedy and powerful striking? Seriously, who?

Gomi, ‘The FireBall Kid’, deserves nothing but respect for his conditioning, his skill, steadfast and consistent competition over the years, let alone his fast and fierce natured boxing and grappling. If he’s on form, his speed and angles will be a spectacle.

Syuri Kondo, Queen of Pancrase, is absolutely stoked and ready for her UFC debut. The timing is right for her to step up and show the world her skills and athleticism.

And, the new and powerful welterweight King of Pancrase, Daichi Abe, on a beast of a victory roll is looking to take his raw talent to the world stage.

The home team lineup:


  • Daiche Abe – UFC welterweight
  • Shinzo Anzai – UFC welterweight
  • Syuri Kondo – UFC strawweight
  • Ulka Sasaki – UFC flyweight
  • Keita Nakamaura – UFC welterweight
  • Mizuto Hirota – UFC featherweight
  • Teruto Ishihara – UFC featherweight
  • Takanori Gomi – UFC lightweightht
  • Mauricio “Shogun” Rua Yushin Okami

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