Pancrase 290 Card

On October 8th in Differ Ariake in Japan, Pancrase 290 hits us square in the face. This time around the card is stacked with former UFC fighter Hatsu Hioki 29-10-2 (Win-Loss-Draw) vs Hiroyuki Takaya 21-14-2 (Win-Loss-Draw)  as the main event. Hioki last fought in Pancrase 287 where he suffered a devastating first round KO from  Hiroshige Tanaka only 14 seconds into the round.

Hioki will be facing Takaya, who is coming in on a 3 fight losing streak. That means that he comes into the match with a hunger in his belly. Takaya has fought in a few other promotions as well. He had a run in Vale Tudo Japan and in Rizin. Both men come into the cage with something to prove. We can get ready for a great battle between these two warriors.

Another fighter to watch on this card is Hiroyuki “The Last Samurai” Tetsuka 3-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). This time he will take on the newcomer, Sergei Kulik 4-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw). Tetsuka always brings the heat to the cage. His style is to attack and take the fight to the opponent. He currently is on a winning streak and is looking to extend it.




Tetsuka’sopponent will be making his Pancrase debut. Currently, Sergei Kulik is on a 3 fight winning streak and has no intention of slowing down. Tetsuka will have to bring his top game for facing this striker from Ukraine. Don’t blink because this fight will be intense.

Full Card for Pancrase 290:

Hiroshige Tanaka 12-4-0 VS Yuki Nakahara 10-4-0
Keigo Hirayama 20-16-8 VS Yusaku Inoue 10-2-0
Daichi Kitakata 17-8-1 VS Daniel Lima 12-5-0
Juntaro Ushiku 10-6-1 VS Satoshi Inaba 15-13-3
Shigeaki Kusayanagi 10-7-6 VS Yutaka Kobayashi 8-20-4
Kenta Sakuma 12-3-2 VS Arthur Soares 7-0-0
Akira Okada 11-5-3 VS Akihiro Gono 35-21-8
Shuhei Sakano 9-3-4 VS Kazuki Hagiwara 3-1-0
Ayaka Miura 4-1-0 VS Viviane Araujo 4-1-0
Shunichi Shimizu 31-18-11 VS Daiki Gojima 9-6-2
Hatsu Hioki 29-10-2 VS Hiroyuki Takaya 21-14-2
Atsushi Yamamoto 19-11-3 VS Toru Ogawa 8-5-0
Yuya Wakamatsu 8-1-0 VS Shohei Masumizu 7-2-0
Hiroyuki Tetsuka 3-2-0 VS Sergei Kulik 4-1-0
Katsuyuki Hironaka 1-1-1 VS Kazuki Shibuya 1-3-1
Yohei Misawa 1-1-0 VS Kohei Sugiyama 3-2-0
Takuya Saito 2-2-1 VS Katsushi Kojima 5-2-0


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