Is Alma Juniku Ready for Stamp Fairtex on June 15th?

Alma Juniku, an 18 year old WBC Woman’s Muay Thai Champion, takes on Atom-weight title holder Stamp Fairtex in Shanghai on June 15th. Stamp Fairtex will be defending her title as the young Alma Juniku comes ripping through the ranks to try and take it.

One Championship had a chance to ask Juniku about the upcoming fight. Here is what she said…

OC: Tell us about your training to take on the title holder and your extraordinary motivation.

AJ: I have had a tough training camp and I am always hungry. I do not intend to lose to anyone, and I think I’m the most hungry person and will win in the end. I can not say everything we worked on, but our team’s analysis of her is solid. Of course I want to win by KO but she’s a strong opponent, so I want to keep calm and fight. I am honored to fight Fairtex. I will give the fans a good fight and win.



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