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Drug testing

Drug testing for Pancrase athletes has been conducted at the “Sports Medicine Research & Testing Laboratory” in the United States since the 307 tournament on July 21, 2019. The results so far show that all athletes on the Pancrase roster have been shown as clear from all banned substances and their metabolites. In the future, including the PANCRASE 311 tournament on December 8, the promotion will continue to conduct drug tests for all titleholders and challengers.

Recently Tested:

Event: Sunday, October 20, 2019 Shinkiba Studio Coast / PANCRASE309
Round 7 Pancrase / Featherweight Title Match 5 minutes 5R

Winner:  ISAO (NEVER QUIT / Champion)
Loss: Kyle Aguon (USA / SPIKE 22/1)
Decision 2-1-ISAO 2nd defense of the title

Event: September 29, 2019 (Sun) Shinkiba Studio Coast / PANCRASE308
Game 10 Main Event: Pancrase / Lightweight Provisional Championship Finals 5 min 5R

Winner:  Saduroev Sorihon (Tajikistan / Russian Pancracion Khabarovsk / 2nd)
Loss: Yusuke Sugaya (Mixed Martial Arts Dojo CROWN / 6th)
2R 0’37 ” TKO-Saduroev recognized as the interim champion

Event: July 21, 2019 (Sun) Shinkiba Studio Coast / PANCRASE307
Round 12 Main Event Pancrase / Strawweight Title Match 5 min 5R

Winner: Daichi Kitakata (Pancrase Osaka Inagaki Group / 1st)
Loss:  Mitsuhisa Sunabe (reversal Gym OKINAWA CROSS × LINE / Champion) * The third title defense
5R 0’38 ” TKO-Kitakata recognized as the champion

Semifinal Pancrase / Bantham Title Match 5 minutes 5R
Winner: Rafael Silva (Brazil / Astra Fight Team / Champion)
Loss:  Kintaro (Pancrase Osaka Inagaki Group / 1st)
2R 1’54 ” TKO-Silva defends for the second time

Pancrase / Flyweight Interim Championship Championship 5 minutes 5R
Winner: Shouhei (Suisui Gumi / 1st)
Loss:  Masaru Ueda (Ogata Dojo / 3rd place)
2R 4’50 ” TKO-Shohei is certified as interim champion


Pancrase will have their next event on December 8th at Studio Coast.

Pancrase 311.





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